Sapa Hills II - Delivered @ Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday 17th December

As we're over at the new house there's no food, but we're in a deliveroo area! 

As oppose to that house on the hill in a remote area with gardens.

Dinner Delivered from Sapa Hills 2.

Rice Paper Rolls with Prawns (4) $8

Prawn, lettuce, mint and vermicelli, served with a watered down chili satay sauce. Too much vermicelli and not enough filling, they needed more like cucumber sticks and marinated carrot. Also a less watery pb/hoisin dip.

Rice Vermicelli with Spring Rolls $10

Bio guy had pork spring rolls with vermicelli. Top layer of topping, the rest was vermicelli. He doused everything with two containers of chili fish sauce, so there wasn't anything else but that taste. My friends other than jas have no interest in food *sigh*. The small crispy spring rolls were quite good though there wasn't enough for a bowl of vermicelli. It was enough for a third of the bowl.

Fine Rice Vermicelli with Beef in Vine Leaves $13

Too soft, too hard, ahh just right! That's would be our reaction to the beef in vine leafs. Some too soft others almost rock hard. Interesting scale, lack of consistency!! Never have I ever had anything this inconsistent.

Served with lettuce, thai basil and mint. No pickled carrot. - The manager at Footscray knows what my usual is, and I always get extra carrot.

It was good but nothing amazing. Wouldn't order from this sapa hills again due to inconsistency. I quite like the one in Footscray though. 

Felt that the whole thing was an entree at the end, in terms of being instantly filling.

What do you think of restaurant franchises? 

What's your go to not-to pho Vietnamese place?

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