Open Air Cinemas @ St Kilda Beach @ Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday 18th December

After four attempts we made it! It rained last year, event canceled (first time), again windy (second attempt), the other week canceled (third attempt). While no one told me about the third time, we found out right before the event and they were very sorry. So we got an upgrade. If you're going to do something once, do it well. And this is it.

Doors open at 5.30pm, movie starts 8.45pm. There's pizza, a bar, music and unlimited ice cream to fill in the time! We rocked up around 8pm, as we were lucky to not have to bring a picnic rug and set up camp. Instead we were in the VIP Star Lounge Area. 

With the VIP Star Lounge you get a lounger, blanket, a drink and table/seat service! This means you don't have to line up for food, it gets bought to you! While there were lines they went pretty fast. Though at 8pm there were only two flavours of Ben & Jerrys, not sure if had other flavours before. - Update: there's only two flavours. Chocolate and a really good vanilla with chunky bits (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough).

I got to sit next to the cutest guy at the event! His name is Chester. 

Seating options, the cheapest tix are picnic rugs, BYO. Then there's yellow concert chairs (think Sidney Bowl BYO), inflatable loungers and VIP reserved area. For all except VIP you need to get there early to get a spot. 

I greatly admire those people coordinated to bring picnic rugs, seats, cooler boxes, all the food and even wet wipes. These people delegate and assign roles like you, your job is to go early with the picnic blanket and save the spot. Of course these people operate in teams. Me, well it's just me on my own. I cannot do it all. 

The Menu - Pizzas

We were starving and ended up eating cold McDonalds, though the original idea was sushi. 

The sun soon set, jas arrived (only 2-3hrs late), the movie started and it got cold. A 20 degrees day, there are no summer nights, summer days are randomly distributed atm. I feel it in my fingers, but not my toes - the cold. Winter coats were a great idea! But next time I'd add a scarf and gloves too. Jas was cocooned up in his blanket XD being a tshirt guy. 

Prawns & Peas with Chilli - What an odd combo...

The movie we saw tonight is apparently a Christmas Classic, 'Love Actually' (mrs jas's favourite movie). My classic of choice would have been 'A Christmas Carol'. It was good, though some stories were iffy and it wasn't as amazing as the russian one, Yolki 1914.

With nine-ish plotlines three confused me (the guys were very similiar, one of them is Mr Darcy, the other is also a popular english actor). Somehow all the characters were connected some. 

Juliet, Peter, and Mark - Why would you tell your best friend's wife that you like her?!

Jamie and Aurélia - But you don't even speak the same language, that's crazy...

Sarah, Karl, and Michael - Girl at the office likes a guy who also works there, but her brother gets in the way. Well that's a downer, not sure why this story was included... as it didn't go anywhere. 

Mr Bean's gift wrapping scene was hilarious!

Featuring the most English popular actors I put this slide show together of where you might have seen them before.

Overall it was a fun experience, tickets are $45 + food. I'd recommend doing it once and doing it well. Would we go again? Probably not, it's a try once thing. I would have thought there'd be more than two ice cream flavours, but I suppose this way it limits consumption and therefore costs.

Have you been? How was it?

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