Christmas in Melbourne @ Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas at Eastland

Last Christmas, gosh I don't recall what we did last Christmas so I looked it up on the blog... this is more like what we did in December, a small list. We do lots, really fast, I can do a few events in one day. 

Watched Yolki 1914, Love Actually still set around Christmas/NYE. Please let me know if you find the torrent with sub! It was beautiful and I loved it.

One Saturday - Said hello to Scroll'd, went to a gallery (where I was accused of almost touching something) and went to an under-delivered fundraiser, but there was gingerbread. 

It was my birthday week! My biggest achievement (other than freebies and co) was buying my first essential oils and InEssence Vaporiser which I've used quite a bit. 

On Christmas we saw 'La Belle et la Bête' a 2014 Franco-German romantic fantasy film. Set in the 1800s. Loved it! This year we saw Hairspray Live.

We said Goodbye to Downton Abbey.

It's amazing what I can make into a headpiece! aka stick on my head. These cute little penguin and snowman are quite light, and flash wit leds inside! Covered in glitter too.

Also from kmart is this foam popsicle, the dots are more foam!

Gifts from my secret santa, loving the pompom!

Shopping at Chadstone, import is expensive... glitter isn't.

Lit up trees at Melb Central. Not really a fan of the central modern tree.

The only show that's current that I'm watching with a Christmas episode - the Vampire Diaries. We picked it up after main girl left, as we weren't really a fan.

Christmas Lights - Burwood East. A lot of lights, not much else to say really.

Christmas Lights - Narre Warren. The garden dips a little, hope you didn't wear heels. This one was taken in earlier days, a lot of blow ups and Aussie features.

Christmas Lights - Wantina South. Saving our favourite for last this one's an interactive experience! You could walk up the path and around the garden. There's all these dolls that sing! There's a synced up group of carolers, and one that does 'Rock around the clock!' a song from dance. 

What did you get up to this Christmas?

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