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Charlie was provided with the products for consideration.

From the creator of Little Innoscents, an Australian made & owned, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certified organic baby skincare brand, comes a series of essential oils, single scents and blends.

Today we'll be reviewing some essential oils. And as a person who smells everything and everyone I love being surrounded by nice smelling things. So for me essential oils are essential for keeping my dorm room smelling lovely (especially as I'm the only girl in the hallway)!

How do I use essential oils?
- Mainly in my diffuser/oil burner
- In the bath
- Homemade skincare, balms, scrubs, perfumes, mist sprays, massage oils 
- DIY green cleaning products

Like say lavender sticks it can be used on its own or as an ingredient, to be added to homemade balms, scrubs/all the body products, perfume, a mist spray, anything. While I'd love to make my own body products I am no chemist, and so I keep it simple. My essential oils are used in two ways in DIY green cleaning (which wasn't that effective, the soap nut, hence I'm not sharing that), and in my diffuser, purchased during the December sales at 50% off ($30). 

True Lavender - Uplifting & Relaxing. Which one x depends on how much you use and how you use it. e.g. A couple drops with a massage oil, on the pillow bath to relax. Used in a diffuser as a pick me up to refresh during a desk session.

Eucalyptus - Australia's native plant and signature scent this one makes a great gift to send to friends overseas! To me it smells fresh and clean, as my favourite way to use it is with green cleaning, eucalyptus + lavender + ½ cup vinegar = basic bathroom cleaner. If you need something stronger wipe it down with lemon prior. It's also great mixed in with a carrier oil (I like jojoba) to create your own massage oil.

Peppermint - Smells like candy canes! A winter favourite for blocked noses. Also to refresh and as a pick me up, by using it in a diffuser/oil burner. I keep this bottle on my desk for when I'm crashing.

Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend - A Mix of: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Spearmint, Peppermint, Tea Tree. This is one for all those days and nights with blocked noses. Also makes me feel better when my nose leaks, and I can't smell anything. It reminds me of toothpaste but with more notes.

Heavenly Essential Oil Blend - A Mix of: Palmarosa, Rosemary, Lemon, Ylang Ylang. Smells fresh and very floral, this one (apart from rose) is my most floral scents, it smells relaxing like a massage but also comforting like a hug. A kiss for the nose in winter, when everything is frozen. Though also a pretty summer scent.

I love that you can buy pre-made blends. As I've tried DIYing it, and it did not smell good...
And while I love food I wouldn't recommend food scents (with the exception of vanilla/tonka bean), especially super strong and sweet ones like cranberry - unless you're in a big space, not the bedroom. Living at a boarding house my room is my studio, office and bed. Online there's plenty of resources for blending if you're after further information.

One of the things we love about 'Little Innoscents' is that all the ingredients are clearly listed and easy to understand. I have the 'Breathe Easy' from another brand and the ingredient list uses scientific names and how much is in it like 375mcl/mL. Meanwhile Innoscents lists the ingredients without the science talk, clear and simple. 

Prices range from $12-20 for a standard 10ml bottle, it may seem little, but a little goes a long way. I bought some last Christmas, used them about weekly (and at one stage nightly) and still have plenty left. It's a pretty good investment to get a few to mix and match, and for different moods.

Note - There are plenty of things you can do with essential oils, except eat them, which has been a recent thing. It's extract that you want in your baking, not essential oils, if it wasn't designed for eating, don't eat it! If you really want to, talk to a qualified aromatherapist first, the internet isn't always the best source of information.

On storage, these amber bottles need to live in a cool dark place.

Tip - If you have a bath you should check out the himalayan bath salts, beautifully scented
with the same range of scents! Something for every occasion and mood.

You can purchase Little Innoscent's Essential Oils on the website, shipping is $12 flat. 

Why not split an order with a friend? How do you use essential oils? 

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