Dinner @ Tom Yum Thai Again @ Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wednesday 28th December

A return visit to Tom Yum, Thai. We've been here before and found it to be a pretty good deal, value for money, there's a lot of food and less than $20 per person. Because of the location there's lots of parking and it's close to the tram too. At 7pm the place was full of groupon bookings.

On a warm day it's a bit warm with just a small air con and a fan, 
but luckily we were in perfect line for the air con above the door. 

BYO - We love a raspberry soda, not juice as it doesn't have enough fruit to qualify. 

Deep Fried Entrees - Spring rolls, thai samosas and thai fish cake.

Tom Yum Soup w Chicken

Chicken Pad Thai Noodles (Pad Bi Ga Pow)

Beef Stir Fried w Chili Basil

Green Chicken Curry Cooked in Coconut Milk (Gang Keow Warn)

Fried Vegetarian Lemongrass Sauce 

There was plenty of food and we've got lunch for three covered tomorrow! BYO TA box! They're $1 each. $3 for takeaway boxes. $17pp with % off through groupon. Normally $20-ish.

Figs Down the Block

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