First Week of 2017 @ Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday 2nd Jan 2017

I feel so empty. Not hungry. Not bored. Empty. I drew something instead of excelling it.

Lucy and George have yet to come over and so it's just me. So quiet, I'm both alone and lonely. Its been four days in solitary. I have the internet and books but it's not the same without my furry friends.

RIP George - The show won't be the same without you.

Meanwhile izzy has just found out she had brain issues, and George is fading out. He didn't seem well planned after leaving Callie. Shepard's lost his optimism after killing/losing his latest patient married to Jerimiah (royal pains, he was also a dr in just like heaven).
Today we took the camera out of the box and took it on a trip to the city, for a very good pizza and average donut (regret) before taking the 11pm home. Home is wherever they are, but it's just me.

Gamberi - Local prawns, lemon ricotta, chilli, rocket

We had the prawn pizza tonight. Prawns with ricotta sprinkled with lemon juice! Seafood goes very well with lemon, why? The pizza was big and I could only eat half, though last time the waiter was -O.o that we ordered just one to share. Meanwhile mom and dad on date night had one each.

Service is overall good, though it really depends on who you get. The Swedish girl was great! Discussions on driving on the wrong side of the road XD 


Time management is a major goal for 2017. We got to the city, stopped by Typo then had to rush back for an appointment. 15mins in the city, we had more than one thing to do...

I think we went home then stopped by Kmart on the way back. Loving the organization range! We bought a three tier rack and corner storage thing.


Lunch @ Naked for Satan


Loving planners! One day goals, not at the moment as I need the space.

We finally bought the diary! Needing a change we bought the blue leather with silver accents instead of plastic covered one. Service was tolerable, the SA doesn't like me, and I was just going in and out. There is a pattern though, girls don't like me, and neither do boys who like other boys (the ones with the voice).

Hokey Pokey @ Baskin Robbins

What regret looks like - fighting kids, hot replacement buses (I hear air but don't feel it) and sweat running down your front and back, when you've just showered! Also walking from the station in 30 degrees heat. No uber because it'll cost double, as unlike taxis don't wait. Booking fee x2, that and it was close to the station anyway - but not in this heat.

At the home HQ stores we picked up a house warming gift for jas, literally house warming XD a toaster. Also bought some xmas deco for headpieces and $5 Nutcracker Snow Globes! They also have the music box thing. 

Drinks/ice cream with Andy at the Pancake Parlour. Two-three scoops of vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce (much sweeter than Josephine's) and honeycomb which got all hard and stuck to my teeth! I prefer small shards or popping candy. Andy had the choc fudge with a stale waffle.

Concluding (lies) my birthday week was the annual dinner at the hatted 'Grand' in Richmond. A six course menu $90 that's very accommodating to allergies and co.

Here Come the Habibs - We finished the first season in 6hrs, it was hilarious! 


We got to the theatre at 12.45am. Tickets released at 10am. The line is about 140 long and goes around the corner, we're outside the bins fortunately they don't smell.

Forgot to bring a picnic rug, as chairs were in storage. Camping chairs, a sleeping bag and camp table to recommended. No #1 Tip - Locate the closest bathroom, here it's the 24hr burger king. Also don't go wandering around the city, it's not safe.

7am - The lines moves as the front is snaked. It's quite impressive how many people bought chairs.

8am - With daylight and sunlight comes flies!! So many flies trying to get into my eyes! Add bug spray to the list of essentials.

11.30am - We stood up at 10am only to move at a snails pace. By 11.30 we got the tickets! The first 10 people received merchandise.

We made it! After 11hrs! And there was coffee and donuts. 

How was your week?

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