$9 Lunch @ Naked for Satan @ Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wednesday 4th January

We finally did it! Naked for Satan has been on the list for years, so long that the lunch menu is now more like a tapas menu, still $9 though and now it goes till 4pm! Was 2pm last we checked, years ago.

This one's my favourite.

Naked in the Sky. Mainly outdoors. It's summer 30+ everyday here. The heat combined with smoking, french cheese made me feel very sick. Luckily we got a spot at the waiting table inside, the only table inside. 

The view outside was nice, it would be nicer in winter :P You can look up away from the city or towards and beyond. We spotted the museum, with its lovely gardens. 

There was an indoor dinning area, but it wasn't open when we were there. 
Its open 12pm-2pm, we got there between 3-4pm.

There's no water (???) or table service upstairs.

Weekday lunches AND Sunday evening from 6pm everything is $9. But yeah they're all tapas style things, not meal food. Here's the menu. Damn I didn't see that cheese menu on the back, looks like we'll be back! Oh and there are prices on the menu at the place. 

Bio guy had no interest in anything on the menu, as he prefers simple meal food. He eats the same thing every day and doesn't eat out. I'm a bad influence :P

Charcuterie Board: $28-ish
Jamon Iberico De Bellota, Free Range Acorn Fed Ham 20g 
Saucisson, Pork Sausage 20g  + Capocollo, Cured Pork 20g  

Baked Camembert - Truffle Paste, Chestnuts, Ciabatta 

This was the highlight of the meal! All that was missing was quince jelly for a sweet contrast to the creamy cheese. The truffle paste was what made it amazing, not only could you see it, but you could taste it too!

Mushroom Parfait, Poached Pear, 
Caperberries, Smoked Almonds & Radish 

The pear wasn't sweet? Caperberries are young olives, salted, with no pit. The mushroom parfait was a bit like a spread in texture with a jelly layer on top. It was fairly average and I felt that this platter was a collection of things in the fridge/pantry rather than something that complimented the other ingredients on the board.

Everything was served with toasted bread, quite crunchy I would have preferred something like rustica's bread to go with it all. As it was a bit too crunchy for my teeth.

Overall it was good, though the intention is to lure with cheap food for drinks. The only thing we tried and would recommend is the Camembert - but not on the smoking hot rooftop. Cheese and hot weather don't mix!

We'll be returning for the cheese platter when in town, though won't rush back or travel just to dine here. Add shopping at Clear It Online Offline to the list and perhaps N2, though we haven't heard anything about them for some time.

Have you lunched at Naked in the Sky? 

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