Hello Again, Milkcow Organic Ice Cream! @ Saturday, January 28, 2017

Charlie dined as a guest of Milkcow but also returned.

Milkcow, Korean organic ice cream with a soft milky texture (soft serve texture, but higher quality) opened up about three weeks ago on main street (Swanston) beside Starbucks, after a pop-up at The Strand last year.

Serving premium soft serve-y ice cream made from organic Australian milk, they're open from 1pm till 10-11.30pm it's the perfect place for dessert after dinner! Running for the train? There's a takeaway window!

It's cash only at the moment, but they shall take card in the future. 

So many toppings... you can also eat in if not on the go.

The Menu *click to enlarge* What's popular? Overall cookies n' cream (our favourite) 
along with the originals and the Santorini and mont blanc for food porn points.

Along with their range of ice cream there's waffles for the cooler nights and milkshakes! Under the chilled menu. They're $7. Nine flavours to choose from.

With the honey (in the two original flavours) Milkcow uses local Berringa honey.

Fairy floss flavours vary and once there was pandan flavour! Can't wait till that comes back!

Santorini – Oreo Crumb, Pistachio Hazelnuts, Italian 
Tropical Syrup, Blueberry Fairy Floss Umbrella.

We had the 'Santorini' with a huge cloud of blueberry fairy floss. It reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland creation, the caterpillar's cloud. I like how unlike other places the fairy floss  didn't detract from main feature, the ice cream.

The soft serve had a fresh light taste. No yucky cloggy after taste (as you get with McFlurries). Lightly sweetened cream like taste, like the blue lidded one at the supermarket. 

At the bottom was a surprise, an oreo base! Cookies n cream! The milkshake would be amazing with this base. We can't wait to return! And we did later that very week.

Cookies n' Cream Shake $7

Delicious! Tastes just like sweetened whipped cream with crushed oreos, a classic and must try! The perfect treat for the end of the week or any summer's day!

Have you been to Milkcow recently? Which flavour is your favourite?

Milkcow Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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