Bangpop Thai on South Wharf @ Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thursday 12th January

Dinner on the Wharf at Bangpop in the Moonlight.

South Wharf, dinning by the Yarra. Cool breezes. Loving the location! 

On the water front. Oh how lovely it would be to have an office here!

Looks like we'll be back in a couple weeks for dinner!
Update - We came back for a Tuesday dinner, here's the post.

I wish more places did spice ratings! I wouldn't have thought Thai food to be spicy! I was thinking more coconut and fish. When I think spicy I think Indian and Mexican.

Miang Kham - Betel Leaf $4
Betel leaf w/ roasted coconut & peanut, dried shrimp, ginger and chili 

An explosion of flavours and textures! Ginger was prominent. Just like last time "It is one of the most amazing things I have tasted! Incredible in that it was complex but also the textural elements complimented each other. It was crunchy (peanuts) but soft (shrimp/prawns), and involved all the taste buds; sweet, salty and spicy! So what's in it? Ruby grapefruit, lime, coconut, palm syrup, sugar, peanut, shrimp, ginger, shallot, fish sauce and more. An amazing punch of flavours and texture!"

Table for one please. The waiter sighs on the inside, revealed by a micro-expression, for there are no tables for one, only four or more with a menu designed for sharing. But what about me? On my own. I'm surrounded by people at event and live in a boarding house, I think it's enough people for now.

The Special Menu - Changes Often

Som Tum Bpou Nim Krob $24 

Crispy fried papaya with soft shell crab salad 
with lime, dried shrimp, garlic and chilli dressing

Spotting the camera, this was what the second waiter, the one serving the area, recommended. He assured me it was delicious, and not just food porn when I asked. :P Often food porn is brunch and all about artificial colours and dessert for breakfast.

While this place was amazing, the food and great view/feel I didn't like that like fine dinning places nothing comes with rice, you need to order it on the side. So we also ordered a package (literally, sorry no pics) of sticky rice ($4) to go with the salad. But as it's fried is it still a salad? 

I've never had fried papaya before. The crab was creamy, and a bit scary (but it's just me, water spider!). It was a bit oily but balanced well with all the other elements. Every mouthful was busting with flavour, tingling taste buds (could be the chili dressing). The dressing was complex lemon aka lime with chili along with all those complex sauces that thai/viet food is so good at. 

I never had thai like this! And wonder what the traditional thai dishes would be like. Are they always this amazing?

The View - There's more river to the left. :P

Desserts - Not listed online. Damn everything looks good. 

Khao Nieaw Ma Mang $13

Fresh mango w coconut sticky rice, toasted sesame seeds and coconut sorbet 

The sorbet was unlike any other. Not like fresh popstic, but a creamy coconut. Like a hug! I loved it! Not sure about the shredded coconut on top, as I love my sticky rice with sesame. I also love pandan sticky rice. I had a neighbour who cut mangoes like that, I love it though can't *knives are sharp and scary*. 

Dessert by the Yarra. It was lovely. 

Coconut Vanilla Panna Cotta $9

Served w rosella flower and kaffir lime syrup jello, palm sugar honeycomb

We couldn't resist a good panna cotta, as mine either is too soft or hard like jelly, the milk and gelatin layer also separates when I make it. This one was perfect, though I'm not sure about the layer of sour jelly or crazy sticky between my molars honeycomb. I like it but didn't love it, wouldn't order it again. Though if you prefer less sweet desserts this is for you.

I love the beautiful pops of colour, but unlike all the brunch food porn it's all real natural colours and flavours. The bill came to $54 which was pretty reasonable for a mini entree, main and two desserts. Thanks to an offer via Dimmi we got 50% off and paid $27.

Service was very good, from our waiter. 

Will we be back? Yes! This is a spot I'd take friends and family when they come to visit.

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