Cheap Tuesdays @ Bangpop Thai @ Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday 14th March

During our last visit to South Wharf a couple months ago we came upon the Tuesday Special: $10 Pad Thai (save $6). That mightn't sound like a special in the city, but it sure is out here on the Wharf. Sure you're paying for location but the food here is amazing too. 
Thai Milk Tea $5 - An orangy milk tea with a green tea based and after taste it was refreshing though not very sweet. I like it but prefer my version which is much sweeter with the addition of palm sugar. I did love that green tea after taste though!

Miang Kham (Betel Leaf) $4

Betel leaf w/ roasted coconut & peanut, dried shrimp, ginger and chilli 

Amazing bursts of flavours and textures, this still to date has been one of the most amazing things I've ever had. We ordered this last time too, though while jas loves thai he has yet to dine at Bangpop.

Pad Thai $10* + Chicken $6* or Prawn $8
Thai stir fried noodles w/tofu, garlic chives, shrimp, 
beans sprouts, crisp shallots, fresh chilli & peanuts

The $10 special* to which I added chicken and he added king prawns (5). With the chicken there was quite a lot and big pieces too, $6 worth? I'd say so. :P The dish itself was huge! And so to me with the tofu already you don't really need the addition chicken, though jas loved the addition of prawns, high in quality but not quantity. 

Don't forget to mix it up, as there's all the toppings (crisp shallots, fresh chilli & peanuts) on the side. 

An explosive fusion on the palette of flavours and saucy tom-yum-ish like noodles, it was delicious and very satisfying! Highly recommended it's probably the cheapest meal in this lovely area by the wharf!

Service was very good just like last time as we had the same waiter. :)

Check out our last visit here. Have you been to Bangpop? 
What's your favourite thai place? Where do you go for pad thai?

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