Wednesday 16th March

Front row on the runway, we're loving all the shoes! Everything nice feels like plastic to me. Btw how do you clean flurry shoes? Set on the Next Runway was the UK Show (hence the unusual diversity in skin colour), in the great outdoors! It's five degrees warmer than outside in the hall and so we were glad to be outside. A warm but gloomy day - my kinda day! There's been a heat wave lately.

My favorite item? A navy blazer with white lines. Something practical. I've never bought anything I've seen on runway, I've been inspired by a couple headpieces though. Wedding runway is what I really love.

We came upon the UK Show on tickettek and were delighted to discover it was free! We rarely buy tickets for runway, preferring the performing arts, also I don't get as much value out if it as others. There were also other runways that you could get tickets for if you know someone.

The cheapest runway tickets are $65 though with Optus $45, and there would be other clubs offering discounts too. Only the premium shows have showbags, even at $40 I didn't find it worth it as I wouldn't use most of the products. But if you love runway and the products $30-40 is my ideal price.

The UK show was interesting, while I've never been to the UK I was under the impression that they had asians and Muslims too and not just people who are either black or white? Though we all know runway/media represents the ideal and not the average. After all if you were happy with the way you are, we can't sell you things that will make you "runway ready".

Front row on the runway, first and second row received different showbags, the second smaller and I'm not sure what's inside. We loved that there was two different bags, one for her and one for him! He rarely ever gets anything in the bags :P As they're always for girls.

My perception of Next? Another H&M.

What an awesome idea to spice up a denim jacket! Pins, sequins, pompoms and cheap beads. It's amazing how something so easy can we so awesome.
Fairy floss! In a few shades of purple, I do love purple!
Those three girls spent the entire evening taking pictures of themselves and each other. Though the event was designed to indulge camwhores. I'm surrounded by girls kissed the air and a sea of cameras. I've yet to take many pic as I'm not a selfie person and was deeply offended yesterday when the camera guy at Ted's asked if I mainly took selfies, as my primary use for the camera. 

Trending - Monochrome 

Something strange, new and wonderful I discovered is that I don't experience outfit envy at mainstream events. Sure I love your dress, but on you and not me. I'm more of a ballgown kinda person.

While we had a glimpse of the next big thing, 360 camera for now they're settling on gifs/animations, though I still prefer polaroids. I feel so lost, I was born in the wrong century and have nothing in common with anyone around me...

Plenty of photo ops with swings, a mirror room, tinsel background. A beer bar, the professor's second favorite. We didn't get into the VIP one this year, but I'm working on it! I mightn't like fashion nor approve though we love being invited places!

The official coffee sponsor, powering the event.

Priceline's four shipping container pop up has transformed into a building! Inside you could get your hair or makeup done, and a new photo area with prints! The latest trends is a roving camera but before that gifs, I prefer Polaroids. Unlike last year there were no showbags, only premium runway ones. So if you're in it for the freebies it's probably not worth going. 

Outside there's $2/$5 cash only vending machines. Being 8pm when we got there a lot of things were sold out. There was mainly nude by nature products and two french ones. There was Neutrogeana sunscreen too! At $5 everything was of good value.

The main venue, though there were shows outside and in the car park too.

There were two food trucks, the majority of which are more expensive than in-stores, convenience fee. Burgers and Vietnamese tonight. Skipping dinner for now we went straight to dessert with a $22 platter from Burch and purchase.

Two tubes (smaller than normal) a cake pop and wheel. Loved the ginger and passionfruit tube! A classic and best seller. The cake pop was a pop of salted caramel encased in a ball of white chocolate. Though the highlight and event exclusive was the B&P x Lavazza Coffee Wheel: coffee marshmallow and hazelnut cream sandwiched between chocolate cookies, dipped in Lavazza Prontissimo crunchy milk chocolate.

In this picture there is a screen, live from the show inside.

The gardens of fake grass was a very nice touch and upgrade from last year (just concrete blocks), simple but cheap deco - milk crates with plastic the tops lit inside with battery operated twinkle lights! Damn overhead street style lighting meant stupid yellow glow. This is why you go early and make full use of natural lighting.

What's new? Seating. Live screening on facebook. Priceline's vending machine.
What's gone? Free showbags from Priceline. More interactive activities.
When's the next show? September MSFW at City Square.

Did you go to fashion week? What were your highlights?

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