VAMFF Fashion Week - Myer Runway 2017 @ Thursday, March 16, 2017

Friday 17th March

As part of fashion week Myer held a runway featuring the latest trends and Autumn/Winter '17 collection from the brands they stock. Tickets were $15 and supposedly redeemable, though we never found out how. Though the event was well worth $15 as there were a few activities as well as just a show, also there was a make-up demo voucher redeemable later on from YSL.

Everyone was seated on the front row, though we almost got the perfect spot, weren't fast enough. Also the lady next to me took up half my seat, as she couldn't help it - there's a reason on American flights you can the option to buy two seats for a person!

Pre-show there was coffee, soda and water going around. Out front there's hair and make-up stations, though we didn't find out about this till we got there, so didn't have a chance to check it out. Nor did we have time after (we had an opera show later that night).
Practical? No, it's all for show. It might be winter, but it is hot in here! No tights.

We love cape-y coats! This one's $400+ from Cue. 

Housewife gone wrong.

Metallic pleats from Portmans are very popular at the moment. 

Lovely details! But for winter?

Inspired by the Soviet Union XD

Some of our monochrome favorites.

After the show we made a bee line for ice cream from Pipelot! Because there is always time for ice cream, and we were one of the first few there, the line got crazy very quickly. In the corner you could get your nails done by Guess x I Scream Nails. Such lovely colours, no pictures as we were out of time.

I love showbags! Would I be here if there wasn't one? Nope. I love miniature perfume samples! While it has been a month since I received this bag/oddly orange and so not classic/timeless box it was in, I can say I have redeemed the make-up session with YSL for a DMV photo, which we arrived two minutes after they closed...

Did you attend fashion week? What's your weakness? Showbags or drinks?

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