Hello Goodbye Fashion Week @ Monday, March 13, 2017

Tuesday 14th March

We finally got around to checking out the gallery!

Sometimes leaving the house and interacting with people really sucks. We had one of those situations today. You know you suck at customer service when despite solving their problem you made them cry. 

Passionfruit Ginger Crumble $8
Vanilla custard, fresh banana, traditional butter 
burst biscuit, passionfuit cream, ginger oat topping

After a trip to the office/my safe place we went for ice cream, ginger & passion-fruit frozen custard, yum! I loved the tanginess of the passion fruit cream paired with NY cheese cake like crumbs and freshness of the ginger. At $8 it seems to be the standard for desserts these days, though I think they should be priced around $6. Service was excellent! I always seem to get the same waiter and he's very warm and friendly. The A is a reference to a show I used to like (too many filler episodes and the game was reset multiple times that now no one cares who A is).

Over to South Wharf for a Tuesday Dinner at Bangpop. Tuesday Special - $10 pad thai (save $6). We discovered this special last time, though we were already set on what we'd order. On this visit we didn't see it advertised on the wharf side.


Set on the Next Runway was the UK show, in the great outdoors! It's five degrees warmer than outside in the hall and so we were glad to be outside. A warm but gloomy day - my kinda day! Its been a heat wave lately. This was during fashion week outside the museum.

Back to main street for dinner, Oppa Korean. Somewhere new. Cheap and delicious though cash only. Quite amazing that they were open till 11pm on a Thursday night, we have mixed feelings about how it felt like a Wednesday out there. Review coming soon.


An afternoon with the dentist, a clean, scans and check cost $180! It hurts and now I can feel the gaps between my teeth. Why is life so painful?

Wrapping up the main and last fashion week of the festival, Myer hosted a runway. A small event as David Jones was a partner. Outside you could get your hair and makeup done, but as we came straight from the dentist we didn't have any time for exploring. Inside there was drinks, coffee, ice cream and a nail bar. We hit everything inside, yay! A full post is coming up soon.

Opened on May 28, 1878 at the Opera Comique HMS Pinafore is one of the most popular Gilbert and Sullivan operas! A "timeless social satire of everything from the ruling classes and institutions (and any kind of class system) to patriotism, politicians and the public
service, ... and the heroic (and sometimes pompous) nature of serious opera". 

A top 3/5 Gilbert and Sullivan classic along with pirates, gondoliers (saw last year with grandpa and the mikado (which was amazing). The classic baby swap in social ranking. Captain and the bf - visual plot hole is that the girl and her guy are similar age while the captain is her father... All three main couples get their happy ending of course. Sir Joseph marries his cousin. It's the Regency era. I love main girl's white empire dress! Heavily beaded. Great show, one that we can't wait to see again next month.


By 2pm on a Saturday in our small little town all the restaurants were closed and shops were closing up. Only the iga was open. Rustica's opening up here within the year and we can't wait to add life to the town !

There is no sincerer love than the love of food - Mama Marija

On this particular Saturday we're heading over to market and lunch. Enjoy it while you still can! Because we've got more dental surgery coming up followed by a month on the liquid diet.

Conveniently we're in time for end of day deals! As we forget this was happening (in between shows and dental hell) we didn't bring bags or a Granny market trolley. But you'll need those, also a husband to help hold stuff while dive in. Bring cash, small notes.


We went for a local dinner, over at the next town, we were going to go for Huxtaburger but they were out of chicken so we went for souvalakis instead. Any recommendations for Hawthorn/Glenferrie?

Ya Mena $11.50 & Chips $3.50 = $15

Soft sov wrap with my favourite chicken honey mustard, coriander (just a touch) and caramelized onions! It was perfect. This is the same one I had last time. For $15 I had a sov (bigger than Jimmy's) paired with feta/oregano fries it was a meal. Crispy chips, for $3.50 it's quite a good deal for chips (if you want fries, McD is down the street) especially as you have the option for them plain or with thee feta/oregano. They come in three sizes, the smallest is my medium. Medium is to be shared between two.

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