Saturday 11th March

March is a month of food (Good Food Month) and fashion, two things that I have yet to see go together. I want to see a runway inspired by food, with each collection accompanying a course/bunch of dishes.

Set at Luna Park one of the events we're going to this year is a show advocating local designs and creations - actually making it locally and not in china/Bangladesh. The Fashion Advocate Runway ..."brings together independent labels from around Australia to showcase the cool, the quirky and the quintessential (word of the year) look of Australian fashion, as well as promote local production and ethical manufacturing". Locally designed and made clothing. If it's like Cue, don't look at the price tag!

Smart people order pizza delivered. This area is an expensive party zone. I wonder if she knows we can see her ass, Sarah says yes, she's been working on that ass and is proud to parade it around me. Me? I'd feel all exposed and nasty, though underwear and swimwear in this century is designed to show it all off.

It's like roller coaster tycoon but no one dies (also a lot smaller) - Charlie on Luna Park

Held at Luna Park we were delighted to attend! We forgot to invite the professor though, who tells me yes he can drink $90+ of drinks, as there was an open bar. There's seats and standing tickets. All seats are called VIP, to make almost everyone feel special XD Reminds me of the circus instead of A-C reserve it was platinum, diamond and A res. Seats are around $90, and include a seat (lol) drinks and a showbag. There were a couple handful of standing spots.

Being fashion the attendees were sometimes works of art themselves! Like pompom girl, I believe she's one of the designers. I have no idea how to make pompoms that dense and all packed together...

While it was a cloudy day, it wasn't cold (I do recall it being summer that week) though the lighting was dull and the 'r' word was forbidden. Above is what the unedited lighting actually looked like on the day.
While there's plenty of drinks there was no food, except a bite of a brownie. For the ticket price I had expected canapes. But at the same time food and fashion seem  to be mortal enemies. If you're after the open bar you want to arrive when doors open.

Doors opened at 6.30pm for a 8pm show (it actually started at 8.20pm) and we arrived around 7pm with sushi (an entree). With a drink in hand, Remedy Kombucha and camera in the other we were runway ready! We also bought spare batteries which was a great idea.

BYO Sushi! Any assorted $15 bento. We were disappointed that there were no canapes.

Bras are overrated on runway. We never see them unless a. it's a lingerie show b. it's a wedding show and we're working the dressing rooms.  

A sold out show with 300+ seats and 12 designers. There was a bit of everything from the office to bed, and very unique dry-clean only ideas. The show went for 30 minutes which was normal, it's absolutely amazing how much time and work goes into events, much like fine dining just to present something.

Knitted & Winter Ready! I love that Elmer dress, so colourful and fun! Also all the crazy pompoms! How do you wash these things? Dry clean and spot clean only I'm afraid!

One of my favourite collections featuring nipple tape and sprinkles! More designers should do sprinkles, they're so much fun! Playing with colours, textures and fabrics.
The end was a bit abrupt and we were left waiting for an ending, there wasn't one. Instead there was a delay before the organizer accepted flowers. Normally the show ends with all the models doing a walk through clapping, followed by their designers. 

After the show we explored the area, the bathrooms were gross so there was a huge regret for wearing a ballgown! They really need to renovate. There was an arcade of games, as well as an retro air stream converted into a snack stand with all the stuff you'd expect. Somehow I'd expected this place is be bigger and more alive on a Saturday Night...

Luna Park by Night. You can check out all the pictures here.

I love showbags! They're actually my favourite part of any show, I don't care much for fashion (a friend invited me) as they never show things from other centuries and era. And there wasn't any food at this event.

What's in this bag? A lot of spend and save vouchers, a couple notebooks, hair gel, those nail filers (in a matchbook), a bite of a brownie (more packaging than product), hair spray (?) ad my two favourites: a tape measure (that now lives in my bag) and candle - I love candles!

We had a fun time at the runway at Luna Park, and look forwards to many more shows and events to go! Do we support local fashion? Nope, it's not affordable, though we mightn't be the target market there. I do support local art those, especially fun brooches on etsy!

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