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Thursday 9th March

Opened in September last year, sponsored by TaraMilkTea & the likes Picapika (Pikachu!) Waffles are an instagram sensation! And it tastes as good as it looks too! Located in the next town over we're stopped by when in town for a meeting. Located next to Kenny's around the corner from McD in Glenferrie it was easy to find.

While the shop itself was small, and busy on this summer's day There's some bar seats inside but not much, it was quite warm inside though there was air con and a fan was being set up when we arrived.

The menu, we can't wait return when there's black sesame, also for the egg waffles.

Liege Belgian Waffles - Original  $3/Premium  $4

We had the original, doughy but very nice. You can ask for these warmed up. Very reasonably priced. It was dense and not my style though, I prefer BlackBall's light and fluffy ones in ChinaTown.

I can totally imagine this dusted with cinnamon sugar with hot chocolate in winter! Funny though today is 32.

Fish Waffle Taiyaki $7.80

As it's summer we had to get ice cream! Egg waffles and fish waffle taiyaki (soft serve inside fish waffles) are the most popular for instagrams worthy. The only place in Melbourne, the first non pop up to serve them.

Vanilla or matcha, lol I'm no vanilla. The matcha was the strongest I've had! Though enjoyable and without being bitter. The fish waffle iron pressed cone was a delight, crispy on the inside! This is one and a half serves!

At $7.80 it hits just right below the  $8 card min  O.o

The egg waffles are $8.80 and there's baskets too for those who are here more for ice cream, but I prefer things that are special :P You can get ice cream anywhere, but not fish waffles and egg waffles!

Service was great, warm and chatty though not too chatty.

Friday 12th May

Egg waffles with black sesame ice cream, yum! I prefer this over the green tea, as I find that one a bit strong. Light and fluffy these were a delight that I can't wait to return for! Though at $9 they're a once in a while thing. 

Card min. $8, but you can withdraw exactly what you need to Safeway.

Highly recommended if you're in town or passing by! At Glenferrie station, near Safeway.

We'll be back to order egg waffles to share and a matcha frappe!
*shall update this post*

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