Dental Hell Recovery @ Friday, March 10, 2017

Tuesday 7th March

I always thought styling was easy, for professionals. You'd have a sketch and image in your head ready. You might rearrange once or twice but it would be fun easy, and breezy. Wrong. Three arrangements later and the team still wasn't happy. It was stressful with constraints like time limit and lighting.

Some girls walk down the street with a bouquet. Me? 
I have a broom! $4 and basic I added washi tape to make it fun.


The Lone Wolf

I like being alone. But then I don't go minding my own business, look around and perhaps there is something. Something strange. We are told that humans are social creatures. Almost every activity is based on being social, like food, eating out, going on picnics, going to events. 

Something I've noticed through life, with girls in particular is that they're always looking out for their friends, saving them spots, holding their bags and traveling in groups. There was an event I went to the other year, where it was completely BYO everything, and on my own I had a trolley and dragged a table, chair, all the deco and table setting on my own. It's hard doing things meant for a group as one person.
Perhaps what I'm after is an assistant, one who loves food, has a back for styling and will save me a seat and make sure no one steals my drink/showbag. 
I need George. As a human. Though he's adorable too as a beagle and one of my two best friends. 

At the moment I want to do a picnic shoot to mark the end of summer, perhaps a round up of all the recipies we've experimented with recently. Sure I can make it all (with some help, from my baking partner), style it and shoot it but then I'll be left with all this food that won't be eaten in time... what am I suppose to do with it all?
Yes I am surrounded by six housemates and yet I feel quite on my own, but not quite alone. 

I am surrounded by people I don't connect with. We don't share the same interests. Sure I could be surrounded by people who are just in it for the freebies/ride/things I can offer. But no, I am not my mother. 

Meanwhile trips to other towns mean an opp to try new places!

Picaika - Green Tea & Red Bean Fish Waffle $8

We picked up a quick sushi dinner on the way to Mahler 7, as it was too hot to travel to the original planned place. I don't recall what we actually ordered...


Productivity has been very questionable lately, with being very sick (a journey to the 6th circle of hell and back) but we're steadily recovering!

A morning routine: up, shower, teeth, smoothie. Seems essential. It doesn't involve going on fb or email till after lunch, if it's that important you would have called.

Playing with eggs, we want to make all the eggs in one afternoon. How do you like your eggs? I love them poached (hello 2pm brunch) and soft boiled, so soft you can vacuum it off the spoon!
We went into review for one cardi, but ended up with a dress ($100) and sweater/jumper instead. Regrets? Not sure... My only iffy-ness lies with the pattern being more suitable to a tall woman like morman's mom (so much potential there). 

Dinner, we made zuchiini & (cumin) curry soup. It was good but a bit strong on the curry and I prefer it more liquidly. It didn't taste just like stock or cream which was great! The hardest part? Grating six zuchinnis. 


Fashion Advocate Runway. Luna Park. 

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