Dental Hell & Overnight Broth @ Thursday, March 09, 2017

Tuesday 28th Feb

I might be very sick, but that doesn't stop me from going out!

Dinner plans epically failed as we're having sick weeks. The chemist took too long (half an hour) when I was the only person in the store! And so we never made it to dinner. Plan B, dinner was ordered but jas failed to pick it up, and they were closed when we got there. 

So we had chicken, hoisin and cheese croissants because I love my savory croissants as well as sweet (and learned he didn't). No pics because dinning room x kitchen lighting is just no.

We also had Timtams, the Gelato Messina collaborations. Mint tastes like a mint slice, black forest leans towards Turkish delight and the others are nice. All good but nothing amazing.

*insert picture of the emergency waiting room here* 

We're been very sick lately with the worst pain I've ever felt, my head hurts, it's a molar toothache, the one right at the back and top. It was so bad that we curled up into a little ball and died. Went to the hospital and got something stronger, though not strong enough. Ubered back to the house for $14, yay cheaper than an ambulance. It's not like I'm dying, I just feel like I am.


I might have been at the hospital last night, but I'm in the office today!

Doing my absolute last internship (I promised my agent, who really wants me to get paid work) in marketing! In my dream area, almost, my area is highly specialized and so it's rare. But we love weddings! Marketing weddings. Life could not be prettier!

Home then dance. Two of my favourite dance partners was in class tonight, Ms Wednesday and Beyonce (because he's fabulous).


Lunch at Mother Dough

A trip to the dentist, oh joy. Its been two weeks, and I had a dream that I was close friends with death, and that the only relief was in death itself. - Yes you read that correctly.

When I open my mouth blood comes out.  They took it out, no.7 molar top back right. It was awful. Apparently the noises I made made the dentist nervous. 

Pressure is a form of pain. It is different from a toothache/my temple hurts kinda pain though. Unlike the toothache there is a lower frequency but increase in scary noises which make me feel.

We were going to go shopping and get stuff done but that didn't happen. Instead we only stopped at shops on the way to the station.

Calpis is a milky drink, it comes as water or soda, the soda version is rare and has bubbles. My favourite jap soda, paired with giant pocky! $10 short dated. Two new things: as I love Yeo's canned Chrysanthemum I thought I'd try make some myself, and picked up "Ge Xian Weng - Prunella Mulberry Chrysanthemum" and some of the dried flowers themselves.

I'm on a liquid diet, as I can't chew or handle soft foods. So it's just soups and custards. But I soon discovered dairy overload makes you feel gluggy and not so fresh and lovely...

It took two hours to get home (as oppose to 15mins to get in, without the loop) as I didn't know where the train was, first time traveling peak hour. Next time we'll go chill out at the office instead. The joys of after shock?


Up early (for me that is) to go to the market where we bought pears, one delicious fig ($2.20?!) that I didn't have an allergic reaction to, and 2kg of beef bones. Bone Broth because I can't eat a pureed burger or spaghetti bolognaise. There's probably some nutritional value in it, more than coconut water anyway.

Have I had some yet? Not yet, btw it makes a concentrate. 

"It might be more of what you're not eating and replacing the soup with than the magical properties of the soup." Maybe bone broth works as a weight-loss tool because you don't want to drink it so you just don't eat anything.

How-to-make-bone-broth Common-mistakes-bone-broth

Have you tried bone broth?

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