TopShop Pop Up - Gaytime Ice Cream Bar @ Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Thursday 2nd Feb

Over at TopShop (Emporium) there's a Gaytime Ice Cream Bar!! No line tonight as the guys say it dies after the dinner rush on any day other than Friday. Yay! 

Everything is $6, and there's five flavours to choose from..

All the toppings.

My pick tonight was the best seller (other than the original): Unicorn Breath – vanilla crumb, musk sticks, strawberry hard candy, popping candy, edible glitter. I hate musk, but it was only a little and so you couldn't really taste it. Instead it was more like original crumbs, sherbet and all that popping candy! 

It was a party in my mouth, and a guy on the tram was like, where did you get that? *I'd like one* to which my reply was to pass him the menu. There was also glitter, but it didn't taste like anything.

For all you bakers there's tins of crumbs! Though they were like $16... 
or you could eat it like Milo, straight from the can :P

This is the supermarket one, on sale it's like 4 for $4-5. 

How does it compare to the freezer type? The pop-up's version's chocolate coating is much thicker for one. The ice cream isn't as soft, almost soft servy (though that could be just my freezer).

Made fresh, the Gaytime Bar is such a delight! I can't wait to return for more! 
Everything except the banana one. *Update - We didn't make it before it vanished*

What's your pick? Do you love a Gaytime? :P

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