Liven Eats - New York Slice on Chapel @ Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Saturday 25th Feb

Located in between two clubs on chapel x commercial rd is the newly opened New York Slice. Just opened two weeks ago.

Note - Going out to a party zone on a party night is a mistake - unless you're there to party. All you'll get is harassment. Even if you are fully dresses and wearing no make-up.
Bright photo friendly lighting and a refuge from the outside, we snuck in between work and home for a slice or two. Why are there no prices you ask? Because they increase and decrease depending on demand. Yeah. I'm not into that concept.

The Menu

The small one is perfect for one!

Very thin based pizza.

$7 a slice at night (supply and demand, also drunk people) but more like 4-5-ish during the day. Like Subway you can also design your own, which is always exciting.

We had the owner's recommendations: chicken spinach and bbq chicken. Light and thin the first we preferred. The bbq chicken was good though a bit tougher, the base. 

Service was very friendly and prompt. There's room to eat in too that's nicer than most drive by pizza places. On pricing I wouldn't pay $7 for a slice when for $7 you could get a pizza from Dominos... it was good though it depends on how badly you want pizza.

New York Slice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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