Dine with Dimmi - Queen St Rescue @ Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunday 15th January

A Sunday Dinner after work someone recommended Queen St Rescue a block from Shanghai St, uphill so west side up past Hardware Lane. Described a "hip urban space" it's not my style, but we're open to trying new things.

Interesting choice of deco, there's booths and bar height tables too.

The lunch deals look good, there's always better deals for lunch in the city.

That plate is HUGE! I have a hat that big, we didn't wear it today though. 

Mushroom Risotto $18

Assorted slow roasted mushroom, nutty pesto 
with truffle oil & shaved reggiano parmesan cheese (GF)

To me this is still just rice. Not creamy and cooked enough for me. But everyone like it differently. Some like it oily?! It's not the dish it's me. The flavours were nice though.

Modern Mayan Achiote Chicken Salad $18
w/crispy Cajun sweet potato, corn kernel, kidney bean, 
shredded purple cabbage, Spanish onion & chipotle adobo mayo (GF)

You can't go wrong with a salad, unless the dressing is gross (Sea Salt I'm looking at you). This was huge and delicious! With a creamy dressing it had all the flavours and textures, though the kidney beans were interesting, as they're starchy. I love real chicken! Diet chicken is mushy (Lite n' Easy), sweet potato is always awesome too. I would have added cheese, feta but salt reduced.

Service was great, friendly and understanding. The restaurant got quite busy during dinner.

We'll be back again for lunch, and perhaps more salad. 
I'd definitely get this one again, though perhaps not at $18. $13 for lunch, yes!

Do you like salads? What's your favourite salad?

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