Limbo - In Between Study & Work @ Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Monday 16th January

Lunch at Massi on Little Collins

Dinner at Firechief

We did do things other than eat (and take photos), like attend meetings and appointments, also a trip to the salon.


Since Saturday night we've been crazy itchy, red hot itchy burning. Its a patch that transfers from my legs to back, arms and hands. Driving me crazy! Ice helps a bit though and fortunately there's a bar on every block and they have ice!

Dinner at an Italian place in Hardware Lane.

See the guy with the laptop? That's where we sat.

This week's main show is the much raved about ' Book of Mormon"! The very same musical we lined up for 11hrs to buy tickets to! We got seats in the stalls near the front (much closer than we thought!) though on the far right so we didn't see the action near the wings.

Did it meet the hype? No. But it was pretty amazing and hilarious. My favorite number was anything staring elder price really. The Orlando scene was hilarious too. Would we see it again? I would for $50.

Update - You get can tickets for $66-ish, look up ozbargain. They're leaving in April.


Another evening another show. A Night at the Musicals starring Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo. Hilarious cabaret. We love the fabulous costumes, sequins/glitter/glitters and all that Jazz.

A particular standout was Jonny's lipsynch rendition of 'At the End of the Day' from Les Mis where he plays all the characters in the song! Using postures, attitude-ish and a coat that transform into many things to portray all the different characters. 


Movenpick introduces new ice cream sandwiches and a choice of 24 flavours!

Dinner at Shiraaz Fine Indian.Tastes like normal/mainstream Indian but in a fine dinning setting. In between ice cream and dinner we had a job interview for an annual job, a contract. Fingers crossed!

Merman Dan was tonight's show, set in the cellar of the Grace Darling Pub, the perfect cove! We got a video or two but have yet to figure out how to get it off the camera when its not in any of the folder...

Great show we highly enjoyed and recommend.


I have (no) a vague idea what I'm doing with my life. At the moment it seems like what I'd end up doing is floating from contract to contract, which isn't stable. Had a chat with others and they say it's because they're artists who need to fund their art but also have time for it. Seems very unstable, should we do an office job then just have a great time after? It would be amazing to work for the council or a venue, but it seems so hard. Things no one tells you at the start, that only 1 in a few hundred would gain stable paid employment.

Today we woke up with sore neck/shoulders, I think it's the new bed. Knees and wrists hurts, I feel like I have arthritis. I can hold a pen but I can't write. I also have aching teeth, two areas. Can't function without medication, recent allergies means I'm itchy all the time and they don't know why. 25mls is a lot and it's gross, like a fake caramel syrup.

Most days are better than others, but once in a couple weeks we have bad days.


Belle's Hot Chicken was tonight's dinner being near the theatre of the night.

Set in a book was tonight's one man performance. Animal. An interesting sweaty experience. Man's best friend. The destruction of the planet by man. Bear hunt. Consumerism. Trump. Geometric headpieces and animal costumes. Bdsm outfits. Things guys do. Over sharing there. Are animals more free than us? We are definitely killing the planet...

How was your week? What did you get up to?

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