Liven Eats - Massi on Little Collins @ Thursday, February 02, 2017

Monday 16th January

Lunch at Massi, located on Little Collins, in section we have never explored before, the legal precinctIt seems almost like a place you have to know about to get there, which we discovered through the Liven app.

With high ceilings set in a century old heritage building, it's bright and airy, though still a small/intimate dining space, compared to other places in the area. I do like that lighting in the shape of something sciency, a compound perhaps? Oh gosh its been years since I took a science class, probably back in middle school! 

*not pictured*

Complimentary Bread & EV Olive Oil
I love white bread and carbs. :P

Jazz played in the background while suits and 'ladies who have time to lunch, all dressed up' and I had lunch. The atmosphere was quite nice, a quiet relaxed lunch. Meetings over lunch are the best type of meetings (other than when your client is not cool with you taking pictures). 

Pumpkin Tortelli - Roast pumpkin, Sage and brown butter $26

We had the tortelli with a pumpkin puree-ish base w crotons, seeds, crispy translucent leaves (it says sage, but I've never seen sage like this) with fried pumpkin cubes. It was small and delicious! Maybe a tiny bit saltier than preferred, but still really good. Surprisingly filling too, till afternoon cake time. 

Cheese, Pumpkin & Pasta - A few of my favourite things!

At $26 I'd rate it as expensive, and we don't normally spend that much on a meal, we live around $15. Though this is higher end than our usual haunts, somewhere you'd take a date for dinner. 

  • Should note that the menu online is not up to date
  • They're open for lunch. Close for a break. Open dinner again.

Service was quick and friendly, and not judgy as some places of this level are towards anyone who doesn't look like they belong. Granted we were suited up today and not my usual creative self.

We used the Liven App we had a $20 credit combo, paired with 25% cashback (and using cashback from another time) we ended up with lunch for $1! This ladies, gentleman and those who have yet to decide, is a secret to how I afford my lifestyle as a grad student boarding on the fence of young professional.

We'd like to share with you a referral code for a month free trial (when you win, we win!).  

Massi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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