One Week. Eight Eats. @ Thursday, January 26, 2017

Monday 9th January

The crowd you see is at the end of the line which goes around the entire block.
Recovering from a camp out we lost half the week, turns out I don't have the health for it. 

Lunch at Ya Souv in Glenferrie. First day back so half the dessert menu was out. Service fairly average, the blonde SA didn't like me. The manager was friendly.

Had the 'ya mena' with caramelized onions, lamb, parsley, chips and. .. the lamb was juicy. Meat overload for me. Same price as Jimmy Grants but bigger. A meat fest I need a salad to go with it!

We didn't get to decorate our caps, so I didn't go. It's not exactly an event for being alone. So many ideas and only one head... the first three are my favourites. 

Back to the city, to pick up my certificate, turns out you don't get a gold sticker or a gold foil cylinder - unless you went to the ceremony. No regrets other than the $4 we paid to scan it before crumpling it in the bag. Not particularly proud of it. Like an artist you really didn't need a degree to be one. Damn, well it cost me 60k.

We took the wrong train and was so lost... what is this industrial wasteland?! At the other end we couldn't get out as the ticket had timed out... it does that after 2hrs.

Met the agent, my favourite and regular has been replaced NOOOOOO!!! The new guy is more, well forceful. No you don't need to study more, what you need to a job - one that pays. Lets look at market research. Is now a horrendously bad time to mention I am not a people person and am best suited to working alone?

Back to the city for a nap at the office and dessert. 

A visit to 'Milk Cow' which has popped up on main street during the festive season hence over shadowed. We had the 'Santorini' with a huge cloud of blueberry fairy floss. It reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland creation, the caterpillar's cloud. I like how unlike other places the fairy floss didn't detract from main feature, the ice cream.


Half an hour naps, or naps at all are a really bad idea. Down at 10am, up at 4.30pm?!! No naps tomorrow. We're still recovering from the 11hrs of Sunday/Monday. And my butt still hurts from sitting on the ground.

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

For mains we had the beef ribs $25 with what the description says brown sauce, it's gravy. Soft and juicy inside and crispy on top. It was beautiful and great quality as it reminded me of the beef belly we had at a hatted restaurant earlier this month.

Matt Sinclair's Ultimate Chicken Parma Slider
Picked up a cute but tall slider on the way home. 


We spent the afternoon creating lady finger lamington whoopie pies, quite good we were lucky and the suggested baking time was just right! Made too much creme though, and someone didn't know how to separate eggs so we lost two there. :( No we didn't have extras.

Dinner on the Wharf at Bangpop in the Moonlight. It was beautiful, I had a great time.


Prawn Tacos from Richmond Oysters

Creamy Soda from the Pancake Parlour

We love flamingos!


Brickvention Lego Convention.

Everything was awesome!! Picture coming soon. I used the camera with the wrong lens and half the pictures aren't in focus, the others are blurry *sigh*. Fortunately it was the right lens for landscape. We used to go for fortnightly picnics with le beau, I do miss those.


Coming from another century people make me feel uncomfortable by being themselves. I also don't approve of gender neutral bathrooms, other than the disabled ones of course. Midsummer had girl/boys ones in pink/blue which was different, normally they're all blue, just with different signs. I've never seen the pink ones anywhere before... Where do they even come from?

Loving this background, very cheap to make with plastic table clothes and foil cello'.

We stopped by Midsumma, but it was too crowded with people picnicing with friends, the early birds in the shade with picnic rugs and eskies. More and more I feel that it's not socially acceptable to be alone. 

There were a few generic food trucks, nothing of interest other than Toastie! Such a simple but delicious idea. Profits are high here as they're so cheap to make. No turkey, brie and cranberry jam though. It was good and tastes as expected.

First it was polaroid-like shots, then a gif, now it's a 360 video in slow motion. 

Cookies n' Cream Shake $7

Up to the main street we stopped by Milkcow for a milkshake ($7), cookies and cream. Delicious! Tastes just like sweetened whipped cream :P.

Up to Queen Street Rescue for dinner. A chicken salad, huge and delicious!

How was your week? What did you get up to?

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