Collections we all have them. For some it's photos for scrapbook, others its stamps or basket/baseball cards. When we're not eating/travel (to/from college, no where exciting) we're at the theatre! Over the years we've got quite the collection, even though tickettek/master is killing it, with their print at home tickets (that they charge you $6 for!! you're own paper and ink!). Our school is also killing it with programs, was $2 now $5-7. Just cardboard/paper ones, not those fancy $20 ones at the big theatres. 

Despite all these obstacles we present, our second completed scrapbook!

Our first scrapbook was Tiffany blue, didn't occur to us they might stop doing that colour, so we didn't stock up. Later one it was discontinued so we created our own, with glitter! It's in the picture above, the completed version. Many many coats of pain, it was sticky for quite some time too. The next book we plan to use perhaps contact paper, way less toxic.

I remember the day I moved into rehab, but that's another story. :P 

In this post we're sharing the highlight of scrapbook no.2 which goes from mid-2015 till sept 2016. There's lots of events, theatre shows, concerts and all, but these are the one we loved and highly reccomend.

French courtly music and circus meets in a spellbinding magical evening. My +1 decided to bring a +1 of her own to a sold out show, after we said she can't bring people... she's is no longer invited anywhere. She has also accepted tickets and regifted them, telling me she had a great time when she didn't go. I like to be alone. Going to show alone is great, no one to slow you down and bother you.  

In winter we went ice skating with jas! I average 6m per hour while he ran circles around the rink and ended up in all the photos. The struggle was very real and I'm not willing to let go of the side walls.

We love the fringe festival! These were our highlights for 2015. 

Another highlight of the fringe. Went to the royal melbourne show, went on the ferris wheel to get shots of fireworks, and got pushed down the stairs into a cake I'd been carrying around all day, being super careful. We won't be going to the show again. Ever.

One of the most magical show we've seen! It was a wonderful journey, but the man who plays the music that makes the world go around stopped in the end. How could he?!

A tribute to Cole Porter, it was an amazing show! We have to see it again!

The kitkat studio came to town and we had a vip pass :P

Live theatre, operas and ballet are those things but filmed for the screen. A great way to see things at a fraction of the price and most of the time it's better on screen than in person! e.g. The ballet zoom in where you need to focus your attention, you can actually see their facial expressions.

As you like it was set in an office, where the king was a ceo, and exile was still a forest.

In March the comedy festival comes to town, these were our picks. Christopher doesn't live here anyone was the best show we saw, and one that's unmissable! 

The first time we saw Wicked, and it was awesome! Scavenger hunts at the shopping center are pretty fun too, they happen twice a year and we aim to do at least one.

The Glass Menagerie was a three actor play (well there were three mains) a long but absolutely amazing play. Think Gilbert Grape but with the normal ending.

Who's a Frank Sinatra fan? In a sea of parents and grandparents we were the only young people there. :P

Another three actor play, though there were much more than three characters! We were all on track and due to mannerisms, use of voice and props we never got lost!

Four piano concertos, three in which I coughed throughout. But had a great time!

A round trip back to the fringe of 2016, we saw 12-ish shows and these were our picks: Ryan Good's Cosmonaut, Jugg Life (a juggling show) and 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche.

Do you keep movie stubs? Those fad within week here, so we always grab a flyer.

How do you keep/store your ticket collection? 

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