Dine with Dimmi - Il Nostro Posto @ Saturday, February 04, 2017

Tuesday 17th January

Hardware Lane, brunch is what first comes to mind. It was here and specially at the Hardware Society that we first heard of brunch. This is as far the west side goes in term of popular food areas, when the business food areas are closed (think weekday only lunch spots that close by 5pm).

Tonight we had an express dinner at Il Nostro Posto before speeding up to the East End. A Sicilian restaurant specializing in seafood, so naturally my +1 tonight is a meat eater... just like that time we took the vegetarian professor to the meat market. XD 

Being a summer's day it was too hot to sit outside, fortunately it's lovely inside! More so if you arrived early and snag a table by the window rather than towards the bar and kitchen. While its small inside I do believe there's a downstairs area too, closed when we were there at 6pm.

The Space

Steak of the Day (???) $35

The couch potato (my +1 tonight) had the steak which looked nothing like a steak but more like a parma with all that tomato based sauce on top. He said it was average, tastes beefy but was not a steak. We honestly aren't sure if this was the steak, but the steak is what he ordered.

Risotto di mare $27

With Prawn, calamari, mussels, garlic, chili and white wine

I had the Seafood risotto with super fresh but small mussels. Tomato based, I've never had a tomato based risotto before. It was quite good though I prefer creamy risottos also it was a bit more like rice than my idea of risotto which I'm told is actually overcooked, it's not meant to stick together?

Would I recommend it? Sure, if your $30 is my $15.

We didn't have time for dessert sadly, and actually consumed the meal within 20mins-ish.

The greeter was great (that's why he's the greeter :P ) but everyone else was just average, guy at the bar wasn't too friendly. Perhaps it's because we had an offer through dimmi or attempted split payment. Food took about 15mins to appear, I would have died if the family of 12 (the only other customers at 6pm) were served before us.

It was pricey and probably not worth it at full price, but with 50% off I'm happy. 
Would I be back? Probably not.

Do you have any recommendations for a good risotto?

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