Movenpick's Ice Cream Sandwich @ Sunday, February 05, 2017

Charlie dined as a guest, and is a regular at Movenpick.
Thursday 19th January

Movenpick is a brand we're very familiar with that offers premium Swiss ice cream with a vast range of flavours. With no artificial additives, flavours and colours its all natural and no wonder that they're sold in more than 30 countries worldwide!

At Melbourne Central there's a booth for takeaway only, though the one at QV as a boutique store there's a dine-in option with tasting platters (our favourite), milkshakes, waffles, fondue, brownies/cakes and more. You can check out the menu at QV here. There's something for everyone!

To launched their Ice Cream Sandwich Movenpick gave away 100 to celebrate! With 24 different flavours to choose from picking just one was a challenge! Luckily we were invited to the media launch where there was an opportunity to sample many different flavours.

There's classics, fruity sorbets, flavours inspired by desserts and more! 

In a collaboration with Vanilla Zulu’s Executive Chef and published Author, Mel Townsend, Movenpick has created the perfect cookie for an ice cream sandwich, one that's not too thick or dry, but a bit crispy like a cookie ought to be.

White Chocolate Sandwiched with Chocolate Cookies

Our recommendations? Oh gosh there's so many but I'd go for the limited edition ones like apricot sorbet. But I also love the classics and dessert inspired range.

There's 24 flavours to choose from! Personally we love the vanilla bean, white chocolate and tiramisu the most. You can't go wrong with vanilla and it always provides a baseline for comparison. And you'll be delighted with this one as we were!

Ice Cream Sandwich $8.95 or a Stack of Four is available for $29.95 (dine in only). 
Which means if you go with friends you'll get to sample more flavours!

Which flavour would you choose? Do you tend to stick to the classics or a certain type?

Mövenpick Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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