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Thursday 19th January

Shiraaz Fine Indian is located on Flinders lane x William. Around the corner from Immigration Museum, towards the west end. We've never had fine dining-ish Indian before, but here's to hoping the servings aren't tiny! Naturally I'd expect everything to come separately to increase the price. 

The atmosphere was great, I could really feel that air con (it's summer). Date mood lighting, paper over white clothed tables. Lights that were like floating lanterns. It was lovely. This is an Indian date restaurant. You're paying for atmosphere. 

Tonight was empty except for one other couple, we left a bit after 7pm. Early days says the host, people still getting back from the holidays.

Papadum (2 Pcs) - Complimentary

Crispy spicy Indian wafers with chutney and raita (natural yoghurt 
slightly sweetened and flavoured with roasted cumin and chickpea) .

Mango Lassi $6.50
Weird with a swirl of Geradine. Artificial as! Maybe I accidentally ordered that though, as I was like should I get the mango lassi or shirley temple?

We sat by the window (best spot for lighting) the sill was a bit dusty.

Butter Chicken (Mild) $21.50

Marinated boneless chicken cooked in the tandoor and served with a sweet oriental tomato, butter, cream and cashew nut sauce. Topped with cream and coriander ($18.50 via eatnow).

It was quite good and a bit hotter than I expected (for me that is) full of all those wonderful Indian herbs. Butter chicken is always good from my experience.

Vegetable Pulao $6.50

Basmati rice cooked with mixed seasonal vegetable and selected herbs spices. This was the rice recommend to go with the butter chicken, fancier than your normal one. We didn't get naan too as it would be too much.

Rice and dish same size! So full, please roll me out XD we really need to learn to stop before we feel like this! The butter chicken was a little hotter than I'm used it, but other than that it was good. 

Through the liven app $20 code, paired with a $6-7 credit I had we ended up paying a total of $7! While Shiraaz is very nice it's not within our budget for dinner, but they do have a $15 lunch offer.

Service was very friendly as expected, when it comes to higher end places.

$15 lunch looks good if we're at the office, though takeaway is the best deal. Ms Ihua has blogged about lunch here if you're after pictures. We'll update this post soon with our own review of lunch too.

Would you pay extra for atmosphere? Or is Indian always meant to be a cheap eat?

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