Dine with Dimmi - Zikrayat Lebanese @ Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday 29th January

Lately we haven't spent much time at the studio due to sprained ankle, twice in a row! So instead we're going out during all those times that we would have spent doing the chacha. Through Dimmi we discovered a Lebanese place, just two trams away, at Malvern Deport near Town Hall and the library.

We're never had Lebanese before so this is exciting! I'm also glad that there is no culture that are purebred vegans XD When I think Lebanese, I think Turkish, Turkish Tudors, with hummus maybe?

The deco was interesting, there is something very wrong about those two patterns together, its too much, go for one print and one solid colour. Those stripes are familiar to me somehow, maybe a powerpoint/wordart font fill?

This beautiful door is around 120yrs old, made from almond wood imported from the countryside of Lebanon, in he 80s. Beautiful carvings. But isn't metal more durable? For a siege. Perhaps in the country its safe. I'm amazed that is has survived that long for something made of wood and would be weathered.

Selection of Dips (3 Dips & Salad) $20

Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Labneh & Tabouleh Salad Served with 2 pcs of bread.

  • Hummus - Chickpeas blended with tahini (Sesame seed paste with fresh lemon juice & olive oil), lemon juice & topped with paprika
  • Baba Ganouj - Smoked eggplant mixed with tahini sauce & fresh lemon juice
  • Labneh - 24hr hung yogurt, fresh mint & extra virgin olive oil

1. The Labneh was cheesy with lemon infused extra v oil. 
2. Eggplant/Babaganoush. Wedding crashers. Smokey. Lightly Spiced - my favorite. 
3. The hummus was light and not so salty not the supermarket. This could go with anything. 

We ordered extra bread. Soft a bit like pita but much softer. The ideal pita, though it would be too soft to hold the contents. Tomato parsley. Nope. Parsley is quite strong.

Serves 2-4, it was a bit much for me, even as a main, with another dish. I'd highly recommend it though, as it's so fresh and delicious, full of flavour and not like the supermarket ones we're so familiar with (would you believe it, I've never made dips?).

Meat Cigars & Sambousek (4 Pcs) $16

  • Spicy lean minced lamb in filo pastry. Fried & served with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses
  • Triangular parcels of filo pastry filled with mild feta & haloumi cheese with a hint of mint & parsley

Perfect pastry filo encased lamb, slightly spiced but not hot. While the cheese triangles sprinkled with sumac were a major upgrade from those green spinach/ricotta ones from the supermarket.

You only need one per person for these are large. Bigger than you think, bigger than cigars. 2.5 Fingers wide (I have small hands).

Is there an assorted/mix platter of entrees? You can ask, we had the half lamb half cheese.

Dessert options.

Home Made Mahalabia $10
Lebanese milk custard infused with rosewater, 
topped with shredded wheat & crushed pistachios

Rice pudding with no actual rice bits like other rice puddings. Rosewater. Very familiar. Paste like consistency (that red top paste with the plastic brush) but perfect. Smooth textures contrast crispy things on top. Serves 2. You won't like this if it reminds you of handcream XD

Baklava $3 & Turkish Delight $3

A densely packed cigar rolled in filo it was intense in sweetness, honey. 

Turkish Delight - Jelly like though with a bit of chewiness. Light and fresh! Rosewater, the fear that it smells like handcream is strong (I'm a handcream addict), but it wasn't like that, nor was it sticky. One cube is enough per person. Good with coffee.

I love rosewater pistachio. Perfect macaron flavour. They do a Turkish delight gift box! $12-ish for four pieces, which lasts about a week.  

Service was very friendly, Rami was great! The menu was vert clean though the OW folder it was in was a bit flimsy and didn't match the high quality of the food. Deco was also a bit off (ref to comment on mixing patterns).

Highly recommended! Best for groups as you can order a few things to share. But Zikrayat does lunch Fri-Sin and there's a $15 lunch set special! We can't wait to return!

Also it's on Glenferrie road, 20m away from the Malvern tram depot, with YOMG across the street, and the MS Op Shop (one of our favourites) close by! 

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