Catching Up - The Last of 2016 @ Monday, February 13, 2017

Picture that didn't fit or make it into the weekly sets.

We were going to DTF, but didn't because there were so many pork based dishes and it was quite expensive. For me there wasn't much that I could eat!

November at the Emporium. The Theme: Mickey Mouse.

Stopping for Tarts! We need a bigger one, more filling and less crust.

Only in Australia. 

St Collins Lane - A bit of a dead zone at the moment.

The Selfie-Encouraging Bauble @ Fed Square

Damn reflection! I love that sequin dress, but it's not my size. 

Post-Christmas Sales. Yay!

This is not only a snowglobe, it also plays the Nutcracker theme!

Regrets, don't by novelty read once books. 

Summer arm covers @ Daiso XD

Someone sure had a lot of time!

Aren't these orchids great?! From Hot Potatoes in Brunswick, 
the cheapest fake flowers I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot!

Wrong set up, but this statement necklace can add life to any plain top. 
Less than $5 from ebay. Ebay is the best for cheap costume jewelry. 

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