Finding THE Red Dress & Baking Marathon @ Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday 30th January

Our week started with an event! A launch party at Betty's Burgers. Struggling to let people come close to me, due to lack of trust. The game of sabotage is strong. Perhaps some people are best off alone.  

With the hat I'm a mushroom... Ii can see you from afar but not when you're next to me. The stylist said hats are for tall women (mormans mom has so much potential though sad it's not her style) or if you must for a small person pick a small hat, perhaps a pillbox or better small headband. Naturally the stylist is referring to the only time of the year people can wear something on their head - the spring raving carnival and social season. The dr, gramps believes in sun smart first. I got burnt wearing a 3/4 sleeve top!! And girls who wear a piece of fabric strapped/tied to their front with shoelace around the back get away with it!


Despair is the emotion of the day till we went shopping! Went in for a melon ball scooper $2-ish came out spending  $60 with no melon ball scooper. Scared heart is one of those op shops everyone talks about, though with less clothes are more just stuff. $2 books make me happy. 

We finally found an awesome passport holder that was affordable! Most are $40+ but we got one for $3 almost new condition from a brand I like. The book wasn't for me, it's for your mom who has given up on style. C&E purchases weren't from the same shop, though were on sale (the set) for $10 up the road. The strange looking things, those are pompom makers.

Taylor Swift Red Dress by Elie Saab 2015

Taylor Lace Dress. Beautiful lace dress with cap sleeves and nude lining under upper half. A very similar style was worn by Taylor Swift. Skirt is made from a delicate mesh-like material. Concealed back zip.

We also bought a green dress but then later had to return it, as the zip only works on a straight line angle, I have curves so it didn't work out.

This was nice though most definitely not my size! I couldn't get my arms and shoulders in, think it might be a kid's size. The material was like a costume, but higher quality and not so easy to get off.

Yo-chi Froyo $ 4.30


Discovering Crabtree & Evelyn's Christmas Cookies range, we love the 'All Butter Strawberries & Clotted Cream Biscuits'! As well as cookies they also do tea for xmas gift sets, known for hand creams the food is just as good! Though I'd expect the tea to be, well tea. 

We didn't nap today! We lagged instead but got out of the house and bought that melon scooper! Shopping in person is best when you need service eg. Clothing especially when there's that no refund policy. I was offered a return not failed to obtain agreement for a refund! It was so chill that I forgot.

The green dress doesn't zip up due to my curves so we had to return it, ideally we'd replace the zips but that might take a while. So instead of a pop in pop out visit we were there for hours... hence I don't like shopping instores. We exchanged the dress for a salad washer/drier, that melon ball scooper, a set of cups and deck of mini playing cards.

Was tempted to buy another doll, but we just bought two yesterday. Ying and Yang.

Since the first shop took much longer than expected we had to skip the second and dinner plans.

Straight to the theatre to see Panti, an Irish drag queen with very sharp features (or rather makeup). She had the perfect hourglass body with no bra as they held themselves up! Panti was quite entertaining with her stories of becoming ...

In between shows we went up to the city center for a quick dinner, my goto place closes at 6pm sadly, so we had to find some else. On a budget this week we (failed) and had a $9 sushi entree, mains chicken curry from DonDon for $8, big serving we made it into two meals, adding a salad the next day. It was good though average, a spicy curry though it said mild. Cash only.

Over at TopShop (Emporium) there's a Gaytime Ice Cream Bar!! No line tonight as the guys say it dies after the dinner rush on any day other than Friday.

The second show of the night, wasn't what I'd expected. As always Ursula gets nakid.


A day of baking, Bakeathon! I did about 7+ batches in the oven. 3 for chai (which is funny cause there should have been 4, but I don't recall the fourth...). And a lot of v'day jam sandwich window cookies, a xmas thing but I love it!

The chai cookies were perfect at 160c/10mins! I had a lucky day in that almost the first picks/experiments with the oven all turned out well - other than that time I didn't turn on the fan so it wasn't as baked. 

Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies. I prefer raspberry jam as the cookie is pretty sweet on its own, and raspberry gives it that contrast. It was a great recipe, and one I bookmarked to be my basic sugar cookie. We'll be sharing more details soon!

Friday Night is movie night at the house, though I'm never around so tonight was a first. We watched one of my favourite movies 'White Chicks' and it was awesome! As it is every single time. 


Struggling to sleep at night... we're a slug during the day but alive at night! And so we went to a concert for CNY, I quite liked the encore piece. It sounds chinese, and I've heard a variation of it before. 

Is it wrong to say that the singer was wearing the wrong underwear for that dress? Cause that's how close we sat to the stage. :P Third row middle, we quite enjoyed it. I like it but don't love it, as it was a special event rather than true classical.

Afterwards there were fireworks but we only saw them from the tram, as we didn't know that was happening. So instead we had some drinks.

How was your week? 

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