Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies
Makes 28 pairs

There's a couple steps to this: 

1. Sugar cookie (do pairs, so cut out the center in half the cookies, also we baked a tray of toppers, then tray of bottoms to ensure we had an even number) - the dough needs to be made earlier as it need to chill for an hour or two, we reccomend doing this the night before
a. Make the dough & chill wrapped tightly in plastic wrap
b. Roll, cut and bake
c. Cool

2. Assemble them, 
sandwiched with icing/white choc (so it sticks together) and then jam in the middle
b. Waiting for it to cool before stacking them in an airtight container.

Notes - We prefer raspberry jam as the cookie is pretty sweet on its own, and raspberry gives it that contrast. Also I came across ideas to cook the jam, to reduce liquids to make it less watery - but the site required a subscription to access.

The cookie was a great success, and one I bookmarked to be my basic sugar cookie recipe! It's always a delight to get it right on the first go! My tips? Know your oven well, I made this on the same day as the chai cookies, which was baked for 10 minutes at 180c. With these cookies I reduced it to 8 minutes. As seen above in the slides, 10 minutes makes it a bit too brown.

Do you have any favourite William Sonoma recipes?

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