Breizoz French Creperie - Fitzroy @ Saturday, May 20, 2017

Thursday 4th May 2017

Jas introduced me to this place few years ago a French Creperie in Fitzroy, just to the right of Parliament a couple stops away out of the city Eastside. Should note that there's another crepe place if you go too far down the street, from the city this place is on the left at the corner of Brunswick & Gertrude. Being out of the far it has taken us quite some time to check it out. 

Damn group table, I'd like to sit by the window, because the rest of the seats are more like in a gallery.

A small but cozy place (especially in winter, for dinner) that reminded me of a cottage, with a non-functional fireplace. The set-up was a bit odd with the kitchen and work area being at the front with typical white kitchen lighting, then you step through the door to the dinning are. Being a small restaurant you'll need to book (for dinner).

With two dinning spaces we we lead to the main dinning room with two unused fireplaces. 

There's no (well minimal) sunlight in here, and it's a bit of an old style reminding me of sovereign hill with all the wooden features, cream walls, fireplaces and flag that hung upon the wall.

We request the lunch specials menu as it wasn't provided as I'd expected. For $17 you can get a savory crepe, jam crepe and drink. What an odd number, not as pleasing to my eye as $16/18.

We had the mushroom and goats cheese, filling as cheese tends to be, and delicious. Perfect for an autumn day's lunch. Not too salty but just right.

I love the breakfast bowl style cup of sparkling spiced apple juice, it's appletizer but with more spices! We love that there's an non-alcoholic drink on the menu/on offer that isn't the standard coke/water.

Dessert, a raspberry jam crepe, those flaky crispy sides are such a delight! Folded up into a triangle the nose was soft and doughy though not dense like a pancake. The perfect crepes. Much nicer and magical compared to that stand outside City Hall.

Service was very friendly. Here's to hoping we'll return for lunch again soon! Breizoz is also open for dinner, but there's no lunch special! Definitely worth the trip, and it's not that far from the city.

During lunch about half the people dinning were going solo, which was nice.

Thursday 12th May 2016

Dinner with the boys! Something rare, because we're always legit busy, well they are. 

Egg, Goat's Cheese & Mushroom $14

The egg balanced out the saltiness of the cheese, a creamy companion for the soft squishy sautéed mushrooms in butter. Probably should have had a salad with that. The crepe was thin but not dry with the eggy cheese filling, save for the very edge which was to be expected. I do realize that this is the same one I had for lunch minus the egg!

These picture were taken quite some time ago, and our photos have improved much since! As you can tell/might guess I pick my dishes on taste rather than asking which will get me the most likes on instagram :P

Meanwhile jas had the duck which was really good, the onion confit was amazing, buttery onion sweet and soft. Salad was fairly bland (cucumber, tomato, lettuce) no dressing. Duck creamy and soft, melts on your tongue. - That's what he said.

Prosciutto Salad Crepe $18

Jon had the prosciutto salad in a crepe, which he said the prosciutto was soft in texture and flavours worked well with cream cheese and crepe tied together, chewy and crispy freshness of the salad. Crepe cooked very well, perfect amount of flakiness. 

I believe we have found our new +1! Alas Jon is an adult and too busy, and it's legit. 

While dinner was filling there's always room for dessert! Sweets crepes are totally our thing, and this is the first time I'd had crepes at a restaurant (we normally get them at a newspaper stand turned pop-up style place). 

Almond Brittle $9

Jon's pick was like peanut brittle in consistently  but almond in flavour. A crepe sprinkled with caramel candy dusk and almonds he described it as. Dry but delicious. Add ice cream if you don't like it dry. It's roasted toasted nuts and toffee. Praline is always dry, best paired with caramel, or cream/ice cream, said the manager. Though a scoop of ice cream is $4! (Standard *sigh*) 

Poached Pear

On the specials menu was the poached pear, which jas had his eye on since the start if the night. It was really nice though needed more wine, poached in red wine, served with a thick silky dark choc sauce, the wine got lost in sauce and pear. Should have ordered a glass of wine to go with it. - Said he. Yes he's not a guy of many words, though is a Shakespeare fan.

*missing picture* 

Salted Caramel $10

I went for the classic salted caramel that le beau loves, with crispy edges that you could break off. A very thin crepe with salted caramel. Not so doughy as that place near town hall. Probably needed cream or ice cream to accompany so it wouldn't be so dry. Other than that it was good. 

Service was great from all the staff, particularly the manager/owner. Everyone loved Jon, with his charisma, and discussions on a marshmallow cake. While were there, there was a birthday! Small but cozy this is a place where you can take anyone. 

They also make their own ice cream, though I recently blew $80-ish on ice cream (my favorite shop was closing up shop to go travel thee world so we stocked up), so perhaps in a few months time. 

Ooh perhaps next time?

Oh how warmer days can't come soon enough!

Have you been to Breizoz? Where's your go-to for crepes?

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