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Thursday 11th May

A morning tea at Ripponlea celebrated volunteers of the trust, with awards (I wonder how long we've been apart of this) speeches, thank yous and a chance to explore the exhibition.

After the exhibition we went for a stroll around the gardens, and climbing stone steps which may have been a mistake in city shoes. I also missed the dress code - black with pops of colour, accessorize not a fluro skirt.

Lunch on the way at a local bakery, they've been here for 30yrs but have no reviews on zomato?! We had the chicken mushroom well seasoned and herbed without being too salty or liquidy. Delicious! Yes you can buy these in the freezer. A dark chocolate raspberry slice accompanied, it was just like a friand! Moist all the way and delightful! Can't wait to get this again.

On the way back we stopped by South Yarra to pick up some macarons for dessert. At $3 it's an occasional treat, when we buy a box to share. Perhaps quarterly? If I had to pick under pressure the lychee rose is my favorite. Jas said no to milo, the pistchio, yuzu and classic rose lychee were my favs, sour strawberry was quite good too, something I haven't had before.

Afternoon tea at a venue where the ceiling was covered in helium balloons! Lots of string dangling everywhere as the ceiling wasn't high unlike in the ballroom this morning.
Beautiful heart-warming (if I felt things which I don't) stories of volunteers who visited others who were sick. It takes very little to make a huge difference said one guy, a recipient of a years of service award. He was great at speeches, and so I'm curious what he did before he retired. He's been volunteering since before I was created! And I do love that while he wasn't American he finished his speech with god bless you all.

With balloons (7, for I couldn't really mange any more with two bags), a big bow in my hair and macaroons in my bag, I was happy. Saw my reflection in a window and realized I looked about 8yrs old XD Someone asked me what I do, and I said I'm a socialite and spend my time dedicated to various causes. Though am yet to get on a board. It's true, though I am working to find paid work as my field doesn't pay.

Back at the house we crashed. While it's true that I spent the day going to tea parties/networking it was a bit tiring. Nap time!

We made a faux risotto dish for dinner which was quite good, very good with jas as head chef while I broke the dishwasher (which he said was actually already broken...)


Egg waffles with black sesame ice cream, yum! I prefer this over the green tea, as I find that one a bit strong. Light and fluffy these were a delight that I can't wait to return for! Though at $9 they're a once in a while thing. 

Shannon Noll at Trak Bar. Firstly it started an hour late! Typical artist. Then there's way more people than seats. It's very very loud and bright! Strobe lighting. The floor was gross, and some people bought fart bombs along. Being little I couldn't see anything. So this is what a modern concert is like...

Pre-concert we had tacos at my place! It was fun and easy, I did the meet while she did the fresh salsa. We used a hard and soft taco kit, the soft ones were a bit sweet while the hard crumbed easily. The meet was mince, the spice/herb mix and some sausage meat we had left over from last night. 


Vine Choral Symphony at Monash. It took over an hour to get here, with football crowded trains but it was worth the trip! Plenty of seats, clean carpet. Order and precision. My kinda event.

Dinner on the go was the meat left over from taco night, some black beans, the faux rice/pasta from Thursday with added sauteed mushrooms. It was delicious! My most successful and only ever left over night recreation :P 


Snacking on lasagna bites w cheese sauce $10 for a large fries size, much than four bites as suggested. Super cheezy and yum, a try once thing. The place was full, almost as always and so the only lighting we could get was bluey purple. 

We also had $1.70 flaky egg tarts from the dim sim place, cash only with minimal English I didn't feel welcome. They had a huge variety of things to steam at home, not sold after 6pm.

Dinner at Sauced, takeaway on the way home. No pictures yet, as it doesn't look that great :P It ended being way too salty, but that's for another post.

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