Thursday 11th May
A morning tea at Ripponlea followed with a chance to explore the exhibition and gardens on a Thursday morning in mid-ish May. Ripponlea has been on the list to explore for years! Though by the time we get around to making a tour booking it's winter and there's an exhibition on. And so only the kitchens downstairs are open.

An exhibition featuring Victorian (as in the state, not era) fashion over 20 years from the early 1920s to the Moderne style of the 30s. "A time where stars, sophistication and city lights influenced the fashion worn by the well-dressed." Nowadays it's about wonder how short you can wear it without being arrested for incident exposure XD Also going out in your underclothes like tights as pants and slips as dresses... look away.

Entering the exhibition you could play dress up and borrow a dress to wear around the mansion, there's adult and kid's sizes. Nothing in my size (12-14) though, when it comes to one size fits all the reference is to sz8-10. *sigh* Also I'm vertically challenged for the women's sizing.

Black is in! Though it's anything but plain with all those details!

Downstairs is all about the 20s Night Life, our favourite time of the day! For all the wonderful things happen at night, trips to the theatre, parties (assuming we were invited). Isn't everything just lovely?! It's often made locally or sent over from England too, nothing here was made with the intention of being worn a few times to end up in the trash after a couple wears, nor was anything made in bulk. It was the relatively good old days. When things were made with love and to last. 

Upstairs featured in the 1930s. There was a most definitely shift in style from 20s beading, sequins and jazz (for evening wear only) to the more embroidery and lace trends with waists of the 30s.

My favorite pieces? A camilla and marc-esque cape and the dark beaded dresses. 

After the exhibition we went for a stroll around the gardens, and climbing stone steps which may have been a mistake in city shoes. It's always a good idea to wear boots when going exploring!

You could hire these row boats for events I believe.

The trek back to the front gates, boots are a very good idea as the drive way isn't paved.

There's tea rooms at the gate house! Though as we just had morning tea, and are on our way to afternoon tea we'll have to return later on! The exhibition runs till the end of July, and we shall return to share a house tour with you all!

Have you been to Ripponlea? Which era is your favourite?

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