Thursday 11th May

On our way back to the station from an event we came upon a lovely local bakery that looked fascinating. They've been here for 30yrs but have no reviews on zomato?! And only two on Yelp... But they do have a facebook presence where they announce the daily bakes. The interior has much underutilized space and makes it look like they're new.

Damn reflective glass, there should be a sticker or something to reduce that. 

What we have our eye on, yes I know we just came from morning tea.

Firebrand Bakery, a small rustic bakery on main street, that creates hand-shaped sourdough bread baked in an original 1930s wood fired oven, without using commercial yeast or additives.

Personally I'm iffy about things being unwrapped, people breathe on them, and bugs (flies touch them...) I prefer everything shrink wrapped.  

There's a large selection of unwrapped paper bagged loafs, to give that real rustic feel, some baked slices/muffins and Boscastle pies. At 1.30pm they were almost sold out of pies.

I'd love an assortment of party pies! Alas there were only big ones.

Our picks for today, sadly can't get a loaf on our way to another meet.

We had the chicken mushroom well seasoned and herbed without being too salty or liquidy. Delicious! Yes you can buy these in the freezer at IGA. As someone who grew up on pastries (and frozen food in general) these are one of the best I've had, with a matching price tag.

A flourless raspberry & boysenberry slice was what we're really here for. At $5 it was average price, though we were happy with the size. The slice was just like a friand! Moist all the way and delightful! Can't wait to get this again.

I would have like the option to serve it warm with cream but it's takeaway only. Though some tables outside would be nice.

Service was very friendly, unexpectedly they take card, no min. Unlike the fruit shop on the same strip.

We can't wait to return for a loaf and sourdough chocolate croissants! I think a warm loaf (even if it was warmed on the journey home) is one of life's most wonderful simple pleasures!

Firebrand Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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