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Monday 15th May

At some point, maybe last night? We made pink murry river sea-ish salt cookies! These were addictive with apples! Sadly most were forgotten about and perished. Note to self to bring them to the studio.

Traveling for meetings always comes with a chance to try new places nearby! Lunch deals are the best, and today it's a return visit to KaChin. Lemon Chicken $10. It was very good though the dish itself reminds me of food court but better. It was sweet and tangy, not oily or chewy. Would have preferred more salad and less rice though.

Tuesday & Wednesday
The biannual shopping festivals!

Day 1 - Chadstone - Yes the pompoms were a highlight.

Day 2 - The City.

Assertiveness test! Internationals... and by that I mean chinese (only for the first two scenarios). Thrice my assertive skills were tested:
1. Girls behind me talking very very loudly, just to each other - it sounded like they were across the room from each other! Staring at them didn't work, normally does.
2. Another girl standing way too close to me, waaay too close!
3. Pram pusher pushed in line, can't tell if she was doing it on purpose or not, said something but she didn't hear me? Stared her down, that worked.


9am start. A challenge these days.

Friday Lunch at D'Tandoor. - $13.50 all you can eat is served upstairs, and there's four dishes. Chicken, goat, lentils and veg. With rice, naan, salad and white sauce (raita?).

A great deal, especially if you're a bottomless pit. Though it's how much you'd normally pay for just the main minus naan/rice so a good deal either way.


We were late and missed a workshop *sigh* mornings we struggle with. Lunch at the market, service was aloof, but the cheese toasties were awesome! A once in a while treat.

At the library we came across an awesome book about granny skills, we loved it so much we ordered two copies! It's mainly cooking but here's a page on laundry. Appears to be a small batch hard to find book.

Over to sushi (dinner prep), their wifi wasn't working while my app was. Then my banking app didn't work. Quite a bit of a challenge to work this app!

7/11 donuts. My card wasn't working, a day of fails...
Carmen was spectacular! Bright bold matadors, the music and passion/games. One set with just the change of props and lighting, a town square became every scene.

We were delighted to have experienced the vip experience, with the fast pass ticket collection line (for guests and media), free program, very good seats (damn tall person) and drinks in the private  guests lounge during interval.

We're ticked Carmen off the list. It was amazing to hear all the music that we know so well, live!

Q - Why doesn't Carmen sing before she dies? That was disappointing! There's always time for a song after you're shot/stabbed.

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