Mid-May Shopping Marathons 2017 @ Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tuesday 16th May

The biannual shopping festivals! Most years Chadstone & Melbourne Central have their weeks a week apart, though this year its one right after the other!

It started on a Tuesday afternoon where we took the shuttle bus to Chadstone from the NGV, which takes about half an hour. It's a coach (fancy bus w leather seats, rare) with climate control and a direct route, the way to travel.

Over the years we'd discovered that it's the events/activities and freebies that get people going, if they're not motivated enough by the sales. May sales aren't what I'm after, June is the time to shop.

I'm curious as to how much time we spend lining up as a Melbournian, they say anything lining up for is worth it. Lol. No. We lined up for 3hrs to get our nails done the opening of TopShop, we never got there. 

3.04 Hot Choc Line
3.12 Done! Cupcakes sold out.

3.15 Ice Cream Line
3.50 Done! There's only one attendant and the machine keeps overheating and crashing

Worth waiting for? No, but I had a book.

4.00 Pompom snow dome!! Only open 5mins on the hr. It's a pompom tag giveaway. Lol. People trying to get one for their friends.

4.25 Target
4.55 Won a pompom! Well two, but you can only have one. I do love the claw!

We got all the freebies and a few pompoms, the main freebie that everyone's doing. Why? There's a tag and when you spend over $150 you can get it embossed with your initials. Tde made this very popular. Though minster minute does it too, how much we're not sure.

Free donuts! Also West Elm/Pottery Barn had these awesome caky donuts from Dessert Parlour - a place we love! What sets them apart is their investment in marketing. 

Regret purchase, it's so flat with no width that it's pretty much a card holder. 
A not clear one that you need to empty out to find anything.

Fairy Floss! We were lucky last in this line. 

Dinner at the Burger Project, too salty with the American cheese. 
I prefer the mushroom. Chips were very crispy!

$3 magazine with a brownie/slice pan, why yes I do need one of these. 

Chadstone Freebies! Including a notebook and pouch.

All the pompoms! 5.5hrs. A walk in the park :P

Wednesday 17th May

Day 2! With a 9am start we participated in the treasure/scavenger hunt.

Also bought some stuff along the way. 

The gift set is a GWP, the masks are $10 for 3. Yes we will use them.

Outside The Strand there was fake plasticy snow, not enough to be impressive though. 

MRP had a moving sale, he lined up for 1.5hrs to get to the checkout. 

Some current Kate Spade favourites! Alas my bag requirements are huge!

At 5pm there was a bake sale, though as Dessert Parlour wasn't there we didn't go. There were other things on, and you'd be lining up for at least an hour. For us to line up it needs to be free or on major sale. The idea of lining up for brunch is just crazy.

4.50 Line starts.
5.28 Latte obtained. 

40 minutes for a coffee, not even full cream. It was actually kinda gross with soy. There were free cookies, but do you really want to line up for another 40 minutes? *dies*

Things we bought and freebies along the way. Treasure Hunts in the morning, a meeting then back to the city to line up and have dinner. I think we might be getting too old for this stuff! I feel as thought this might be our last year. 

Did you go shopping in May?

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