Saturday 18th March

Conveniently we're in time for end of day deals! As we forget this was happening  (in between shows and dental hell) and so we didn't bring bags or a granny market trolley. But you'll need those, also a husband to help hold stuff while dive in. Bring cash, small notes.

When is the time right? I really don't know. I bought something then on the second round  (I did a round of the place) it was on further sale. *sigh* 3 for $5 then 4 for $5 on strawberries, and that's when it got crazy. Round two saw $5 boxes, of, stuff. Oh gawd idk what these green things are let alone know what to cook! Helen's an expert at this with the husband in tow. Though he's a good cook too. Near the left end was a 3 for $5 deal, normally 2 for $5. The back left door.

To participate in the end of day deals you need to know how much everything is worth at the moment. This week strawberries at Safeway are $2.50 a punnet. Figs are $4 a box at aldi (last wk) but not as good/ripe and not market fresh (I also had a reaction to the pesticide).

For $20 this is what I bought:

I'm actually after boxes of fruit though there were none, this box isn't for me.

Figs 2 for $6
Strawberries 3 for $5
Permissions 3 for $2 (not found at the supermarket, these were the soft ones)
Bananas bag for $2 (good deal for lady fingers)
Total $15

Most of the figs were good, go for the purple ones. We had two duds, one in each box that was not edible, works out to be $3 each, and there was one amazing one, others were B grade. 

I noticed a lot of dull yellowy grey bananas $2 a kg. Will they taste the same?
The figs are huge though not the best ones  ($2.20 for one last time).

The $5 box had a lot of green things. Bok choy, leek, beet leaves, mung bean sprouts, potatoes, jalapeños/pepper (???) And the cherry on top - figs! This box is for bio guy. Looks like he'll be having soup and noodles. Turns out he hates figs, as he considers them fancy. Bio guy doesn't believe in fancy food.

I'm told on Sundays Pino does $10 all you can pack boxes, though have yet to encounter them.

Gotta find that meat tray deal that I've heard about though the market won't tell me which day it is... a secret I suppose. Does anyone know about that?

Saturday 22nd April

To market we went, probably not worth it unless you plan to buy lots or just happen to be in the area though. We sat back and observed the pros do it. 

Bought 7 lady finger bananas for $2 and 3 boxes of figs (pretty good ones, a mix of B & C grade) for $5. We stalked them as they were 2 for $5 at first. There was lots of green stuff and mushrooms and apples sold by the bag for a few dollars.

Worth stopping by? Sure if you're in the area, though I'm not too keen about making a trip there, unless you wanted to stock up on veggies for the week or so. I'm more of a fun market trip person rather than shopping for a couple or family and buying all the fresh stuff at the market. Goals for one day. 

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