Maker & Monger @ Prahran Market @ Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Saturday 21st May

We first came upon Maker & Monger perhaps a few years ago, two at least, as Melbourne's Best Grilled Toastie! Its been on the list since, but today we're hitting those food goals!

Located within the market, Maker & Monger is only open when the market is, daylight really so as vampires you can see why it took us a while to return. 

How do we pick just one, when they also sound amazing?!

Today they were three options, pre-made ready to grill in the sandwich press.

Pictures from our very first visit, on a market your with a tasting. 

You could buy cheese to take home!

Mork Iced Chocolate 70% - $5. The perfect combo is sweet and darkness, cool and refreshing! For it was summer, our first visit and sip. Jas absolutely loved it and declared it the best iced chocolate he's had without ice cream!

I picked the fondue with melted gruyere, coate, shallots, wine and garlic. Yes it does look rather plain, but isn't really. Buttered toast, with melted cheese, crunchy and soft, not too salty. It was perfect! What if we had a cheese toastie bar or at least fondue station at the wedding?

Gin had the pimento toastie, with cheddar, x, onions, parsley, y, z and gruyere. Looks more interesting as you could see the flavours i this one. There was more than just cheese, and it was stronger than my fondue. But we love them both!

At $10-11 each these aren't a cheap snack, rather more of an occasional treat, though well worth the price!

Service on this afternoon was aloof.

A stall with soups, especially tomato soup would turn this snack into the perfect winter meal!

Where do you go for your toastie needs?

Maker & Monger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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