Friday 13th January

Through Liven we found tacos on Kingsway (Main street in Glen Waverley)! There isn't a Mexican place on the strip, but Richmond Oysters does tacos, only prawn tacos. There are some more of them around known for their seafood platters, but this is a small branch.

It wasn't always here, though I can't recall what used to be here. A lot of things have changed since high school, when we frequently visited the area as our school was up the hill. This place is opposite/next to Mocha Jo's.

Being a fresh rainy day, after/in between heat waves it was perfect outdoor dinning weather!

Prawn Tacos with Chips $12

The prawn tacos was good though fairly average, needs a spicy sauce and guac. We aren't at a Mexican place though, it's a seafood restaurant. I've never ordered tacos not at a Mexican place. Though I love that for $12 you get two tacos and super crispy hot chips! Pretty good deal as they never come with a side, tacos.

This place is almost $30+ a dish! Not your regular fish & chips place, though the original Richmond location one does more regular stuff as well as expensive.

Service was good, and we weren't judged for just getting tacos. :P 
The guy was friendly than the girl though.

We'll be back if we're craving tacos, as its the only place that has them here in Glen Waverley.

Have you ever ordered tacos at not a Mexican place?

Richmond Oysters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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