Tacos, Egg Tarts & Cupcakes! @ Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tuesday 23rd May

Taco Tuesday @ Tres Bar

This fortnight is at Tres Bar, yep more bar than restaurant, think Spud like set up. $3 Tacos, normally $6 each or 3 for $15 tonight we're trying them all, except pork. Overall a cheap and slightly above average, recommended? Sure if you're in the area on a Tuesday. At full price? No.

An early dinner followed a concert set in another century at Trinity.


Driving 2.0. I've had lessons before back home where we drive on the right, but it was over a decade ago. 
We live in an island made up of roundabouts! I'm getting leg cramps, had to squeeze out between seat and wheel. The struggle was real! I'm not smooth, in any aspect of life.
The wheel was heavy and you had to turn it so much! Everyone makes driving look so easy... mother can do it in her sleep! - she sleep drives, you know when you can barely keep your head up? Yeah she can drive in that state.

Made lunch. It tastes nothing like in the restaurant... and it cheaper to buy than make. Half of it is still in the freezer a few months later (it's 17/7 as I post this). I attempted to make a thai beef salad.

The egg tarts though were good, and something we won't be making. $1.70-3.80 each. We're working on a post for them. Next stop the city!

Work was intense. Sure we all live in front of a screen, but not with an intense stare! My eyes hurt... it's one of those jobs where you're working every minute.

Thursday - Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Arriving at 10.10 all the seats indoor were taken! Luckily we found a free table outside. It's challenging being alone (but not lonely) here and back home. Fortunately you can still hold a table with a bag and coat.

It was a sold out event.
  • After morning tea we went back to the city to shop, dfo southern cross. Headpieces, typo and a baking tray
  • House guy was great! Prt and laminate mold list and no dishwasher list! Non stick like this tray NEVER goes in dishwasher!! Also pyrex plastics. Silverware not the dry cycle, air dry/towel dry yourself. - So what does go on the dishwasher? O.o
  • Myer took forever... if you don't know how ask/pass it on to someone else! Damn commission!
Free coffee in a bottle at a pop up spot on Little Collins! Cool place to chill. Manly space, we like the dark. Girls typically prefer light and airy with pastel/light flowers and marble, gold details. I don't. :P

Home to bulk cook pasta. Bio guy made chicken and it was amazing... I've never had chicken like this... so soft and juicy! What's the secret? We brined the chicken then slow cooked it on the stove.


MSO Plays Petrushka - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 

He was amazing! ! We should hire him for the wedding. So awesome and passionate!! Heavenly music, breathtaking. I think my eyes hurt from the intense stare

What if instead of a wedding we had a concert, dancing and then afternoon tea?

Snacks from Maxims - Egg tart $2.20. A crust that falls apart easily and melts in your mouth!
Warm eggy custard but less gelatiny than the others. The best non-flaky crust one we've had, and we'd had quite a few.


Frosting & Fondant Decorating Workshop @ Cupcake Central

We don't normally venture into the city on the weekends, but this one was an exception. Lured by cupcakes! We had a great time playing with fondant and buttercream frosting, learning how to make the fluffiest frosting. 

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