Taco Tuesday @ Tres Bar @ Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday 23rd May

We often take the No.75 tram to Bridge Rd to go shopping and sometimes (well, a once off) meetings, and came upon Tres Bar's Taco Tuesday. Unlike most places it didn't take us year to return. And so this fortnight's Taco Tuesday is at Tres, more bar than restaurant, think Spud like set up. $3 Tacos, normally $6 each or 3 for $15 tonight we're trying them all, except pork.

A cool autumn evening sitting outside watching the cars go by. As the second person here at 5.30 there are no smokers to kill us - yet. The best lighting is inside though outside the street lamps are yet to be turned on. With views of traffic, town hall and many dogs walking by outside is nice. Update - Don't sit outside, there's beggars. Though one well dressed with an English accent.

There's no horchata as this isn't an authentic-ish Mexican place, and it's more of a bar setting with high stools. Tiny struggle to hop up, but fortunately they were pretty stable rather than rocky. You might want to book a table if dinning during peaks.

The Bar

We ordered one of everything except the pork so:

  • Chicken - Citrus and achiote paste marinated chicken, jalapenos, cheese
  • Beef - Honey and Negra modello marinated beef barbacoa, chipotle cream
  • Prawn - grilled garlic butter prawns, iceberg letuce, chipotle cream
  • Fish - grilled market fish, shredded red cabbage, coriander, corn, chipotle cream
  • Veggie - avocado corn, house tomato salsa chipotle cream, cheese

Beef was the best as it was moist and most flavoursome. Then chicken, veg, fish then prawn. They were good, but average good. With them all sharing the same sauce, the chipotle cream, they all started to blend together and were hard to differentiate from one another. The fish I'd had high hopes for but was average, an apple slaw would have been nice to add that fresh ziggy flavour to an otherwise creamy taco. The prawn was well and truly lost in thee chipotle cream, and ranked the lowest. 

View from Our Seats

Inside there's a small room you could book with a fireplace! Is it the original? I didn't get a close look before my food arrived.

Overall a cheap and slightly above average meal, recommended? Sure if you're in the area on a Tuesday. At full price? No. At $6 a taco they're very pedestrian. Save your pennies and go to Fonda instead.

Service was very friendly and American. Great lighting in the bathroom in the courtyard out back. Victorian Terrence/long house style but modern. 

Tres Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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