Thursday 25th May

We attended the annual event, Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at South Melbourne Market this morning. Tickets are $15 ($10 last year), and by fate it was meant to be - as we bought the very last ticket. Had to wait for work to confirm they didn't need us, hence I wasn't one of the first as usual.

Arriving at 10.10 all the seats indoor were taken. Luckily we found a free table outside. It's challenging being alone (but not lonely) here and back home. Fortunately you can still hold a table with a bag and coat. A sold out event, where everyone turned up earlier than last year.

Agatha's croissants were one of the first items to be sold out. It was almost a bit too brown and boarder line burnt. The last one, was good though. Matcha from the Summer Night Market Series.

Spring roll so good deep fried goodness, just one is perfect. Meh rice paper roll.
Omg that cheesy spinach bread! I'm coming back for this. The lady serving them was very friendly. Market Borek. She also gave out a veg potatoy cheese one to take home

Being a sugar addict we went for mainly sweets. No regrets. 
Honey joy. Perfect! Not too hard or sticky. A classic, I simply love these!
Candy tea cup with musk ring. Always wanted to make these! Though no one would eat them... at the old local cafe they were 2.50 each. They're a novelty and don't taste as great as they look.
Perfect mini cupcakes!! These were mini mini so you could eat 4 instead of a regular sized one! I can't recall who made these, but we definitely need to get the cake tin for this.
Moist brownie cake. Very good. Spiced carrot cake. One of the best!! Who made this?

We bought quite a few raffles tickets though weren't so lucky this year, though close 2 numbers away! So close but far at the same time. There was a table where 4/6 ladies won. Most tix were orange, while we bought blue ones.

The event was unexpectedly crowded and a bit much, no longer a secret event. :P It was too busy and as we sat outside it wasn't ideal to do a full write up, though you could always check out our post from last year's event here.

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