Sunday 28th May

We don't normally venture into the city on the weekends, but this one was an exception. Lured by cupcakes! We were delighted to have won tickets for a cupcake decorating workshop, that we also pre-ordered the second cookbook (despite not having an oven at home :P). 

Fondant - We learnt how to use fondant (kneading, shaping), using cutters, pizza wheel-like tools (also used in clay) and how to make a bow and rose. I loved learning how to make the rose! My pillowy texture was a bit on the rough side as the cupcake wasn't the perfect shape.

A rose, by any other name would taste just as sweet! Actually I didn't eat the rose part, as it's purely decorating and when I studied cookery my area of specialization was 'Cake Deco' which involved a lot of fondant. So to me fondant is just a sugary dough, not food unless you're desperate for sugar.

On the buttercream side, we were given the secret recipe, though playing with fondant and writing down a recipe proved too much for me. I would have preferred just to be given the recipe rather than write it down. But of course you'd learn better when you're involved at a higher level.

Strawberry Icing! A beautiful and simple rose.

How much chocolate is too much chocolate? :P

The answer would be when there's more frosting than cupcake. Please refer to that time I decided to make a Christmas tree. It was awesome, but overwhelming. 

Vincent was a very good instructor though at times it was hard to hear him over the mixer. We went through the process step by step, with plenty of times where we got up close to mixture, also learnt troubleshoot.

Can't wait to make it on my own, though I haven't made cupcakes in years! Pipping was awesome and lots of fun. I'm quite pleased with my work, though think my rose could be tighter...

My strawberry shake tasted like banana which was strange... I forgot to ask if it was real strawberry (it wasn't). Salted Caramel is always a safe bet, but they didn't have it. Mother had vanilla which she didn't let me take a sip of *germs*. 

It was a great way to spend 2.5hrs on a Sunday afternoon, though you'll be on your feet the whole time. It was a small class of 6, and so you won't get lost.

The workshop met our expectation exactly. Tickets are $80. You'd just half a dozen cupcakes you decorated, a drink and the recipe for the buttercream frosting.

We love Cupcake Central, it's our go to cupcake place. Though for events we use local bakers who do great deals when you're after cupcakes in the hundreds. Personally when I'm after a great cupcake I go to Cupcake Central. My favourite? The Red Velvet though I love the seasonal menus too, the filled cupcakes are my favourites though I not really a fan of chocolate based cupcakes.

Do you have a favourite cupcake?

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