Moving in Between Events @ Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tuesday 30th May

Tuesday Dinners at KuKu Mama. The chicken was a wing and drumstick instead of breast and thigh... same price though. What's with that? The beef skirt was dry.  Everything else was good, though not as good as two visits ago. The chicken not dry, but drier and marinade not as strong. 

The highlight was the duck bao! Served very warm it was awesome!

Over to Pidapipo for ice cream, two scoops for $7... I'll like the pistachio and strawberry rose, why I keep going for things that taste like hand cream but less creamy idk. But I did love the pistachio! There was a cinnamon and fig that would have paired nicely, but alas it was a sorbet. Fior de latte aka vanilla-ish was my third choice.

Wednesday 31st May

Where did the year go?!

With Junes comes all the sales! There's two good sales each year, this one's for summer clothing. Best time to stock up. This year I'm stocking up on stockings, though on the wishlist is a kitchenaid ($700+) and some stuff for baking. 

Cadbury chocolate melts smells so good! Compared to Coles brand. Tonight we're making that three ingredient cheesecake. This is a picture from last time. 

Update - It never happened. Why? That little bitch, one of my neighbours stole my egg, as she knew she'd get away with it. She's untouchable and the rules of life and society don't apply to her, under the protection of "daddy". Why bio guy likes/d her I have no idea, all the adults are on her side. She seems to have put a spell on them all, as someone immune to bs I am not under that spell.


It's time to move again! It has been 6 months since the last move, but it's time to start the next chapter. Sudden isn't it? But I realize it's the right move. I can stay and be small and petty or I can move on (literally).

What happened? That little bitch the damsel pretty much admitted she stole my egg to my friend, who told me. How dare she. Anyone who know me personally knows that to steal from me is to steal from the devil. There will be a wrath, and the fury and fire of hell.
If it were le beau he mightn't have told me, but bio guy did and it was the right move. It made me realize I needed to get out of there. Because nothing was ever going to change if I didn't get out. It was time. 

In this boarding house that I'm at some people are more favoured than others, I'm convinced that they are against me for being 'normal' in that I am a girl. The others are freaks, the favoured ones. The house mother is a freak herself (sorta, as in she's not actually a freak, but she's in the same group. like if they were ways of transportation and the freaks were bikes, the house mother would be... a scooter?). I actually did like her up to a certain point, she's pretty cool, but there was a one liner, one thing she said that deeply disturbed me. 

So say I love confetti canons and think (actually I know) they're awesome! What I'm saying is I love confetti canons and it's awesome TO ME. Me specially, it's MY thing. You don't have to agree with me, I do not expect it and won't be offended - unless maybe if I invented it. It's cool if you agree and if not that's ok too. I would never insist in saying CONFETTI CANONS ARE AWESOME! YOU MUST LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS I!
Seriously wtf? It's fine if you love them, but I do not have to agree or even like them. I am me, you are you, we are not the same person.

The house mother insisted that confetti canons (replace with what the actual issue is/was) are awesome and that it was generous of her to share this with me. Yeah no, but she insists. I'm sorry but would it be generous if I told you what I honestly think? There's a special place in hell for you and your kind. Not where I work, but a different section. Did you think it was oh so generous for me to share that? Thought not. 
Some things are best kept to yourself. I wished you made this error back in school where you would have been corrected on the spot by the teachers. As unfortunately our job is not to just educate, it's also to make sure you're a relatively decent person (though sometimes just not selling drugs is fine too). 

Hence the night was spent in a 'pack and run' style rather than going to the theatre. We also epically failed to pack any food and things we needed for work. 

We were too late for the show but not for dinner! Down at Peko Peko, an old favourite that we stopped going to because they stopped doing bentos. 

He had a noodle dish, noodles were a bit dry, in a peppery brooth. It came with one crispy seafood wonton, deep fried, calamari, covered in chili jam. Brilliantly textural, a firm flesh beneath crispy shell. 

While I had the pop chicken. It wasn't like anything I've had before! 

Pop Chicken $15

Crispy with lots of spices, like nothing I've ever had! Served with kewpie mayo, and teriyaki sauce. I didn't use the sauce as it was very well seasoned. This plate is an entree but the size of a main. I'd expected at a small side salad. But no.

We ordered a kewpie mayo broccoli salad to go with it. *not a real salad*


The annual good food and wine show. This year like the past couple  there's no free workshops that don't involve alcohol. As someone who doesn't drink (major risk of alcoholism) that kinda sucks...

Summary - It gets smaller every year. Unless you have a day with nothing better to do, and have free tickets I might go, but an outing to your favourite lunch spot or tour or a museum is worth more, of your time. 

A Dinner Stop at Purple Peanuts.

Opening Night with James Morrison & Patti Austen at the Jazz Festival!


For the first time in 6yrs I missed work... because it was too cold to get out of bed. I can handle outdoor cold cause I was ready for it, but out of the bed cold? Nope. 

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