Local Eats - Chatime in Glenferrie @ Monday, June 12, 2017

While we live in a small town with only a small strip of shops, all the essentials, the next town over is a student village with all the lunch offers, cupcakes (we have a asian bakery in town, though I've yet to go there) and Bubble Cup is at! Or in this case Chatime.

Located on the main street it's left of the station exit on the main road, cross at the McD/movies or at the corner on the other side heading towards Town Hall (interesting fact, our house in Hawthorne was build in the 1880s before Town Hall, and has a fireplace in each room! - not as old as our house in San Francisco though). 

There's plenty of seats during non-peaks, lunch and when classes end.

So many choices...  I always get the coconut milk tea, but since I do know how to make that. Prices range from $4.80 though most choices are $5.50. I'm interested in trying the strawberry milk tea, though the fear of yucky flavouring is very real. Here's the menu online.

A Student Edge card is definitely worth it (free from WA), if you spend over $3 you get a free drink at McD for example. You can apply for one online. Gingerbread and Strawberry are on my list for next time.

On our first visit we ummed and ahhred over the menu, settling on the premium with pearls $5.50, the classic with black tea and light chewy tapioca pearls that have a hit of sweetness. They aren't though marbles of chewy rubber I recall back home. Do I like pearls? Not really. I love boba/popping pearls though. Also lychee jelly cubes. 

Another visit had us ordering the 'Matcha Latte Milky Iced Tea'. 50% ice. Full sugar. Wasn't that sweet though there's a powdery aftertaste. $5.50 no toppings. Red bean was the recommendation though. I didn't really like this one.

Service was great from Kidson who made an attempt to look me up (forgot the card, as I didn't plan on going out today). At 11.30am it was very quiet. Quieter than Starbucks ever.

Do you have a favourite drink at Chatime/BubbleCup?
Do you make them yourself at home? We love making Thai Milk Tea!

Chatime Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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