Local Eats - Ka-Chin on Bridge Rd @ Saturday, June 10, 2017

Friday 31st March

Woah it's bright out here!

Through Liven we discovered Ka Chin tonight on Bridge Rd open till 11pm on a Friday! It's not a party bar, but a cozy restaurant  (I say cozy because it's nice and  warm inside, it's not small).

A tea and coffee specialty place with $3.50 coffee, but $2.50 if you bring your own! Not being a caffeine addict alas I don't have one. For 5am starts on the field we use thermos.

Here for a snack we had spring rolls and deep fried dumplings. I believe we just came from a show at the comedy festival tonight.

Veg Spring Rolls with sweet and sour sauce on a bed of lettuce (2 pieces for $4). Better than average though a bit oily. They were larger than normal and more like cigars though. Oh how I wish spring rolls were as easy to find as chips!

Red Bean Dumplings with Ice Cream $8

Dessert was the highlight of my night! I've had dessert dumplings before, even fried wonton but I've never had these ones. Sweet and fried they were amazing! Reasonably priced too, and of sharing size. I'm excited about returning for dessert. 

The service is as warm as it is inside! At 9.15pm I was the only customer other than a smoking party outside.

Monday 15th May

The day is quite bright, the afternoon and the dark a bit, well dark. 
Will we ever find the perfect balance? Of light and dark.

In town for a meeting we're excited about dropping by for a $10 lunch special. All seemingly typical chinese food court menu dishes, though I'm sure they're better than that.

Pictures always help us make decisions.

A modern & clean interior, I do believe they just opened up earlier this year. 

Lemon Chicken $10 takeaway from Kachin, which we're excited to return to, post dental surgery. There was a huge gap where we ate nothing for quite sometime. Well nothing but pie filling. 

The lemon chicken was very good though the dish itself reminds me of food court but better. It was sweet and tangy, not oily or chewy. Would have preferred more salad and less rice though, perhaps I'll ask next time.

Friendly service, cheap lunches, those deep fried dumplings - what else could you ask for?

A great location, a bit further away from the city than the Town Hall on Bridge Rd, get off at the Chapel x Bridge and walk a block or two, KaChin is located on the right.

Lunch ends at 3pm on Sun/Mon, they're closed on Tuesday. 

We'll be back for the satay chicken wrap and prawn dumpling noodle soup!
*Shall update this post*

Ka-Chin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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