Exploring Prahran Market @ Thursday, June 08, 2017

By now we've been to Prahran Market a few times and would like to share with you a round up of them all, except for the market tour, which runs monthly and definitely worth $15, you get to taste a few things and find out a few secrets. :P

It's most fascinating I find that popcorn comes from corn itself! Especially when you can buy it still on the cob itself. Actually it turns out that there's only certain types of corn that can turn into popcorn, meaning some corn can turn into popcorn, but not all.

We love visiting Damien Pike's stall for all the mushrooms! He also stocks pistchios and limes, as in cavier limes, and truffle too. Yes everything is expensive, this isn't a cheap market.

There's an entire shop just for turkish delights!

The market is inside a shed like building, smaller than Vic Markets.

Orange blossom baklava, these are $2-ish a bite though deliciously dense, that's all you need. They're very popular as interstate gifts we were told.

There's a van that sells mussels, jas was lucky enough to be a model for one of the tour shots :P I was there, but only in headwear. With the mussels, you can buy fresh ones to DIY at home or eat-in. 

Sweet Greek located the Cheese Alley/Deli are has some awesome looking treats! Most of which we have yet to try, so many things to eat, so little time and that pesky diet! We had the vanilla slice which wasn't as sweet as expected.

The Meat Hall, where you can buy bones for bone broth (mine is still in the freezer :P) and they'll cut up a limb for you (so you don't look like a serial killer on the tram XD). On weekends during lunch you can buy pre-cooked sausages, another thing we're eager to try. I hope they do sausage sizzles :P.

Some of the super fresh stuff we had our eyes on. Though as I don't really cook we bought mainly fruit. And now we have about 8kgs of fruit in the freezer, also don't freeze pears, they go mushy and weird.

While there's only one florist they have everything! From classics to natives. Our favorites? A bouquet of purple flowers! There's a bit of fear in natives *refer to spider bomb incident*.

We love the end of day deals, we even did a post on it.

Cheese toasties we love too! Check out our review here.

For a meal we loved stopping by Mama Marija's for these beef cigars.

What are your market favourites? Do you shop at the market?

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