HSP from CBD Kebabs @ Monday, July 17, 2017

At some point this year, during winter, pre-game night.

We were first introduced to the HSP, well theory of it, through a guy I worked with for a group therapy project (it went great btw, and we're still fb friends), and he invited me to join the fb group. Though it took us quite a year to find someone to team up with and actually get a HSP, long after the trend, though the lines aren't slowing down anytime soon. 

So what is a HSP? Found at kebab (like souvlaki, not the skewer) shops, it's a Styrofoam box containing "layers of hot chips, kebab meat (chicken and/or lamb) and cheese, covered in sauce. Most sauces are okay, although three together – particularly garlic, chilli and barbeque in a perfect criss-cross – is considered the Holy Trinity." - Broadsheets

When it comes to the city there are two shops side by side on Flinders going left/towards Southern Cross, past the aquarium, that seem to be the place to go. CBD Kebabs on the left had a picture in the window advertising HSPs for $12, while Viva didn't (zomato says $15 includes a drink, similar size), so we picked the prior. 

Viva also had shorter lines, significantly shorter on this winter's night.

The shop itself is tiny! And you will smell like food... (it was also very hot in there!) you order, pay then go wait outside till you number is called. We forgot ours, so we were there for a while. 20 minutes wait, and this was pre-game so before 7.30pm on a Fri/Saturday night! 

Chicken & Lamb Mix with Garlic & BBQ Sauce - $12. Serves 2-3!

At some point the professor's girl summoned him so he ran off... leaving me with the entire box. O.o The box is huge! This is why I've never been here, I need a small LOTF kid's size box (though LOTF is a rip off). Tender meat covered in sauce, of which there was plenty of was amazing. I have never had anything like this. It was delicious! Carb and protein loading. 

Did I finish it, on my own? No. I ate about half and that was too much. Reheated the next day in the oven it wasn't the same. This is not something you can save for tomorrow.

Will we be back? Sure, next time someone wants to share one with me :P 
But for the next week or so we'll be eating just salads.

Have you had a HSP? Where is your go to place?

CBD Kebabs Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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