Hyped Up - King Castella Cakes @ Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Thursday 17th August

We're pretty sure our story ends with us being killed in an alleyway, on the way to food XD This isn't the first time we've taken questionable directions somewhere. Following the totally hyped up King Castella Cake lead us to Bourke x Spencer, and down this path next to the Alto.

Keep going all the way, cross the road, you'll see Holy Moley on your right, keep heading straight and under some residential towers you'll find King Castella in Rose Lane.

At certain times listed on the window you can get it fresh from the oven. If you buy it straight from the oven to make the most of it you need to serve it warm, eat it there and then. My friends either are at work or in rehab... If getting takeaway then drop by anytime. There was no line at 3pm.

If you get cream you have to eat it there and then, as the sponge is warm (I think, but then won't the cream melt ??) but the cream is cold. Either way it gets messy.

Castella Cake. It's a huge sponge cake. $10 without cream (recommend of you're going to carry it around all day) or $12 with. Let's see how the taste test goes. Note - My diary is A5.

It was huge! Ok A5, serves 8/8 slices. We split it with jas. Making it $5pp for A6 (a huge A4 quarter). A bit dry, though you're meant to steam microwave it back to life. I'd prefer our pandan chiffon though. It's softer. Not sure what the hype is all about.

The target audience is international Asians from the hard to get to out of the way location. It's pretty westside, and only open during daylight. Skip it and go for the pandan chiffon or perhaps something from Maxim's.

Did you try the king castella, or understand the hype? 

They're making a green tea sponge soon.

King Castella Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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